Amoscp’s Blog is One;

I am delighted to celebrate a year birthday of this blog. 366 days ago Amoscp’s Blog joined the blogs immediately after soccergunz Blog was created. It was two days after i had celebrated my birthday in 2012. So I celebrate as Soccergunz celebrates


This blog consist personal views of various areas of life hinged on Jesus Christ as the Author and Finisher. The views on this blog are unique to young Christian minds and aim at bettering the human race especially the Nigerian youths.

I have written about many things that affect the average Nigerian youth, from Christianity and the Bible to Education and ASUU, through football and a series of poems and different opinion of popular topics.

As of september 19, 2013, 28 post have been published with Educate a woman, educate a nation being the greatest of all. Who is That Kid That Couldn’t Spell Television? , The Complete Sermon and Answer Like Jesus are other top posts. The last UTME and The Reality was a great post on facebook.

The 28 posts have had 25 comments and 373 views averaging just over a view a day with the highest view being 20 views on August 2, 2013. On twitter I am followed by over 60 @amoscp and 17 on

Blogging has been exciting foe me though difficult because of increased responsibilities. Nevertheless i would continue to use this medium to share the goodnews.

God Bless you all


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