August 2013 is Gone; September to Remember?


Today is the 1st day of the month of September 2013. September is the first of the “ember” months that indicate the year is drawing close to the end and 2014 beckons. It is like yesterday that we all shouted “happy new year

This first few days of september is a period where people remember they have free SMS to send, unused Megabytes to use. This is a period people remmeber they have a “broadcast feature” on their whatsapp and they ping away “happy new month” on their BBM. This is when Facebook is awashed with surface wishes for friends that have not been contacted. This is a period of pseodo-hypocrisy of love.

Must the month end or begin before you show care and concern? Must the month round up before you bless people for the new month. What is wrong in blessing people all day, all time? What is wrong with “have a nice day friends”? some were not priveledged to see the end of the month.

So August is gone, what did you achieve last month, oh ye month counters? did you meet your target? Did you pass that exam? Did you buy the car? did you get the job? Did you touch a life? Did you give a helping hand? Did you win a soul for Christ? Only you knows. I had a little lovely happiness last month. Uncle?

Do you intend on improving this september? Are bent on making September better than August? Are you willing to make september a month to remember? Then you have to not just make the decisions but adhere to your made decisions. You must compete with yourself and strive to make yourself better than yesterday. Learn from the mistakes of yesterdays and yester-months and make today better.

For my undergraduate friends, The ASUU strike has continued beyound your expectation and I dont see ASUU backing out because of disagreement with the FG. I have told you make positive this time that seems like a waste. Don’t wait for ASUU, make positive progress in other aspectof your life.

This might be a sad month for the US (9/11), but I look forward to a September that signifies a milestone for me. September has always been a special month for me: I have 3 red letter days in this month. I was born in this month, so also was my brother. I got into secondary school in same month and the days still remain vivid in my young memory.

I await my Silver anniversary in this Milky way.

Remember to serve God rather than Men. Choose Virtue over Possesions


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