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February 14: INEC, Where is my PVC?

February 14 elections is drawing closer than ever with the political atmosphere charged up for the showdown between PDP and APC (no disrespect to other lesser parties. I don’t even know the names of the other parties except APGA). The valentinos will have to sit at home and count their votes.

Bet sites have put up odds for the elections, debates continue to go on online, on TV, on radio and on the daily papers. Meal-side arguments for and against a particular party is normal with the discussion being held in every nook and cranny of the federation. From the market place to the board room, the uncertainty of the outcome of the election is unimaginable.

For February 14 to be a reality, the eligible voters must have collected their permanent voters card. This may be a major bottle neck in the way people express their votes to be counted. So many people have used the social media to endorse their candidate and express love and support for their choice but it seems majority of these same people don’t have their PVC yet.

I have spent the last 2 weeks searching for my PVC in all available polling unit close to my polling unit in Lagos. I have been tossed around like a helpless ball tossed around from Roger Federer’s racket to Rafal Nadal and Novak Djokovic. If I don’t get this PVC, how can i vote? I have gone through the rigours of registering twice after it was said that the data was corrupt and/or lost.

Getting the PVC isn’t even enough. There will be little or no movement on February 14, and a lot of Nigerians will not have the luxury of casting their votes. Imagine i am currently in Port Harcourt for a major job, will i travel back to Lagos to cast a vote? How are we not able to use our PVCs in any part of the country. Your PVC counts only in your polling unit. We need to advance forward but first we must get this right.

While the populace struggle to get their PVCs, the cat and dogs have continue their hate politics, shooting themselves on their feet and promoting all sort of propaganda.

Come February 14, many will regret their votes, others will glory in their choices.

Get your PVC, Vote wisely. Avoid Violence.