Who is That Kid That Couldn’t Spell Television?

Sitting at the mid-section of the JSS 3C class of Federal Government College, Odogbolu in Ogun State, I was shocked to see a new English language teacher come into the class.

We have been accustomed to our former teacher; a soft lady that pampers us, and behold a tall fair man with an ascent different from the normal Nigerian accent. Without much ado and with the class still in disarray, he wrote “SPELLING” on the chalk board. He shouted “KEEP QUIET!!!”

The scattered class took shape immediately with everybody scampering to any available sit. Our English Language notes flew from our bags to our desk with amazing speed garnished with fear. Fear of the unknown.

10 words were called out and in my naivety of English words, despite being a 13 year old, I wrote the words down as I heard it. Notable among the words spelt is “TELEVISION”. I couldn’t spell an electronic item that I used every day in my house. I couldn’t spell television. I spelt it as “TV”.

That was my worst ever performance in spelling. After the words were marked I could only get about 3 over 10. Luckily for me, it wasn’t a part of the termly assessment. I looked at myself in awe.

All this happened years ago, but the memories still linger. The Okokomaiko center of the Kingdom Recovery Church Youth is organizing a spelling bee on the 18th of August. Don’t miss it. Come and watch young teens as they spell their way to happiness.

Young ones out there don’t feel so bad if you aren’t getting it right now. You can start now and make it right. No time is too late to know. It is better late than never. You can learn anything you want to learn. You can be who you want to be. Just decide and act towards your decision.

Parent, guardians and mentors, take it easy on your children and wards. He might be worse today but his greatness is grooming up to surprise you. Just believe and Pray. He Watches. He Hears. He gives Wisdom. He is Jesus Christ.

Yes, I am that kid that couldn’t spell TELEVISION. I am Chibuzor Amos. @amoscp


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