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Positive Attitude for Life: Pharisaism

Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven – Mt 5:20.

Pharisaism is the attitude of self-righteousness. It is a projection of self as better than others. It is an attitude which says, “I am always right and others are wrong”; “I am good and others are not as good as I am”.

Pharisaism displays a questioning attitude. The attitude of questioning is good provided it is meant to clarify doubts and to grow in knowledge and wisdom. The pharisaic questions aim at finding fault with others or to expose ignorance and littleness. But they fail to realize that people tend to find fault with others mainly due to their own insecurity, low self-image, prejudice and jealousy.

The pharisees speaks of love, but will not be charitable; they stress the means rather than the end. They speak of faith but demonstrates lack of faith. They project doctrines but are yet unconvinced.

Jesus often opposed and rebuked the pharisees. They observed the rules and regulations to the minutest details. They found faults and multiply laws. In observing the externals, they forgot the most important commandment – love of God and neighbour.

Jesus teaches that we are created in love and to love. Fulness of life can be achieved only through a life of love. The pharisees failedthe ultimat test of love – love of God and neighbour. They served God only with their lips while their hearts were far from Him. They thought that they would be saved by merely observing the law. Hence, law became a substitute for God in their lives.

The pharisees made the life of others miserable and difficult. They critized others, but failed to realise that critical judgement should start with oneself, and it should be guided by love, forgiveness and understanding.

Culled from Devasia Puthiaparambil

are you a pharisee?

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What is Worship?


The Kingdom Recovery Church Youth Okokomaiko Center has started a series on Worship for the 2nd quarter of 2013. I am bringing to you so as to understand what worship is:

Bringing pleasure to God is called worship. The Lord is pleased only with those who worship him and trust his love (Psalm 147:11). Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship.

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the ability to enjoy pleasure. He wired us with 5 senses and emotions so we can experience this pleasure. We often forget that God has emotions too. Aren’t we created in His image? He feels things very deeply. The bible tells us that God grieves, gets jealous and angry, and feels compassionate, pity, sorrow and sympathy as well as happiness, gladness, and satisfaction. God loves, delights, gets pleasure, rejoices, enjoys and even laughs. (Genesis 6:6, Exodus 20:5, Deut 32:36, Judges 2:19, I Kings 10:9, I Chronicles 16:27, Psalm 2:4, 5:5, 18:19, 35:27, 37:23, 103:13, 104:31, Ezekiel 5:13, I John 4:16).

Worship is multifaceted. There are various aspects of worship. Anthropologists have noted that worship is a universal urge, an inbuilt need to connect with God. Worship is as natural as eating or breathing. If we fail to worship God, we always find a substitute, which ends up most times being our self or our possession. The reason God made us with this desire is that HE desires worshippers. John 4:23

We need to expand our understanding of worship. Worship is far more than Church services with singing, praying and listening to a sermon, ceremonies, communion, healing, miracles, and ecstatic experiences. These expressions can be elements of worship but worship is a lifestyle.

Worship is far more than music

For many people, worship is just a synonym for music. Every part of a church service is an act of worship. Adam worshipped God in the Garden of Eden before music was mentioned at the birth of Jubal (Gen 4:21). If worship is just music, then all who are non-musical could never worship.

Worse still is the often misuse of worship as a particular style of worship – slow music. Worship has nothing to do with the style or volume or speed of a song. God loves all kinds of music because he invented it all – fast, slow, loud, soft, old and new. He loves variety. You may not like all but God does. If it is offered to God in spirit and truth, it is an act of worship.

Worship is not for your benefit

When we worship, our goal is to bring pleasure to God, not ourselves. We don’t worship to please ourselves unlike those that say “I didn’t get anything out of worship today” “I loved the worship today; I got a lot out of it”. Our motive is to bring glory and pleasure to our creator.

God complained about half-hearted and hypocritical worship (Isaiah 29: 13). People were offering God stale prayers, insincere prayers, empty words and man-made rituals without even thinking out the meaning. God is not moved by the tradition in worship but by passion and commitment.

Worship is a life

The bible tells us to worship God continually and to praise him from sunrise to sunset. (Psalm 105:4, 113:3, 34:1). People in the bible praised God at work, at home, in battle, jail, and even in bed. Praise should be the first and last activity you do in a day.

Every activity can be transformed into an act of worship when it is done for the praise, glory and pleasure of God (I Corinthians 10:31). Do everything as if you were doing it for Jesus and continually converse with him (Colossians 3:23). Work becomes worship when we dedicate it to God and perform it with awareness of His presence. Real worship is about falling in love with Jesus. What common task could I start doing as if i were doing it directly for Jesus?

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In the Calvary

This is a season or a moment to behold in memory of our beloved LORD JESUS CHRIST, a memorable event that took place about 2000 ( two thousand) years ago that cannot be forgotten but ever remain fresh in our memory.

As for me it’s a moment that will forever linger on till the second coming of CHRIST in glory to rapture the ones seem fit for heaven and besides, the judgment of everyone who has little or less faith in Him.

Besides, the pain CHRIST JESUS went through was exceedingly harsh for the human criteria for pain. When we remember the pains, we should go through it with our minds fixed on the pains. The weeping (flogging) of CHRIST by Pilate’s soldiers created a ridge of scars on His back which we Christians soft call it “STRIPES” and by His stripes we are healed from every ailment and diseases. Also, CHRIST was worn a purple robe (violet) for mockery by Herod the great and by it, He took away our shame. A crown upon His head, a crown of thorns by which He gave us a clean thought towards GOD the Father for every evil one, for sins.

Therefore, it was weighty on His back and by it He took away every labour (burden) we have carried since man (Adam) disobeyed GOD. He stumbled and fell on His way to Golgotha by which our inconsistency in faith was taken away for more grace, as He is the author and finisher of our faith. Besides, nails were driven into His hands by which He gave us strength against afflictions, the sun fried His injured back and with that, we received a brighter light against the black tunnel. His knees were smashed with a sledge hammer and the nails that drove its way through His feet were for our feeble knees.

Therefore, His delicate body wedge against every arrow fired by our enemies, the moment the soldier drove its spear against the body, besides the blood and water that flowed from His sides was for the final cleansing of our iniquities and a covenant before GOD the Father. His death on the cross gave birth to a new beginning to us all who decides to follow Him.

By the way, He created a way for us all to the Father through Himself as an ancient path which we should not throw away, a set foot print on the sand for us all to follow. Brethren in faith, we have been with a platter, let us grab it with both hands from the Calvary.

by Ogheneyole O. (culled from KRCY PRESS)

A Laptop Poem

I have been handicapped by the unavailability of my PC and her arrival prompted my writing of this poem.


With a sudden blue gust of resentment

My 3 year relationship was marred

By the in-accessibility of the heart so hard

Thus, no room for the regular enjoyment


Triple lunar periodic cycle and she’s back

Rejuvenation of the soul and the disky heart removed

Innumerable whore-mongers have sought and tried

But ingenuity of the first love couldn’t pack


I took her top up and my eyes lit

My narrow veins expanded and blood filled

What a sight to behold, a maiden betrothed

Off my laps, back to the table where she is fit


Christened Joy, she is my Heach Pee

The fifth of the great genealogy of Dee Vee

A skin so fair to caress, happy to fold

Windows welcome as the lights go yippee


Welcome back, let the work begin