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Democracy Day, Change of Government and The Ultimate Handover

I love public holidays, it gives me the opportunity to sleep very late a day before and wake even later in the morning. A cup of milky tea warms up the stomach with the television switched on to a station of choice.

The public holiday was tagged “Democracy Day” and signifies the victory of democracy with a hand over to add to the spice of the regular democracy day. May 29,  1999 brought Olusegun Obasanjo to power as a democratic president. Since then he has been succeeded by Late Umar Yaradua and current president – as of blogging time – Goodluck Jonathan and will be succeded by former military head of state,  Mohammed Buhari.

The Eagles square in Abuja is being filled up with dignitaries from all over the world to witness the hand over and change of Government. It has been surprisingly peaceful since the elections especially with GEJ conceding defeat and ensuring a greasy handover,  although the fuel scarcity as a case sha.

So how does all this affect me and you. It is a period to examine your domain as a member of the Lord’s army and see if you need to change your government, lifestyle and the ultimate handover.

First, under whose government have you been operating? God or Mammon?
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.” – Matthew 6:24 KJV.
So you have choose one government to serve, just like Joshua made his choice after conquering Canaan. (Read 1 Peter 1:22-23, 1 Corinthians 5:17)

After making that choice, you will need to hand over all – yes, all – to be a partaker of the new government goodies. We are directed to seek this Kingdom first and then the goodies will be added – Matthew 6:33. Who heads this kingdom? – The Lord Jesus Christ – Isaiah 9:6.

Unless you are born again – John 3:3, unless you take all to his feet, unless you have faith him, you are yet to ultimately hand over to him. He will take away your burden that the government of this world doesn’t even know about. He will guide and guard and help you achieve his goal in your life.

But you must be ready to accept the new government, be proud of the new change and make more grounds in knowing more of this heavenly government.

The Choice is yours, Change is here. His Kingdom is forever unlike your 4years tenures in Nigeria. Give him the chance to change you.

Enjoy your holiday. Let me do some chores.


By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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No Fuel and The Era of Treks and Kegs

Happy new week Nigerians and well wishers. Happy might have been exaggerated but Nigerians as we know have Ph.D in Suffering and Smiling since the days of Fela.

The previous week and the associated weekend have been hampered by the looming increasing fuel scarcity. Transportation fares have skyrocketed no thanks to the unavailability of fuel in the petrol stations. The stations have no PMS nor AGO.

I was indoors on Saturday but embarked on a journey on Sunday to see my family on the other side of Lagos. After waiting for about 45 minutes at the bustop without any sign of any taxi, cab or even bus. There was only one option: Trek.

The Trekkers Union of Nigeria hit the Nigerian media after the 2015 elections with various treks criss crossing the federation. From Lagos to Abuja, Abuja to Otueke, Kaduna to Abuja, the trekkers have not lacked publicity. They were voluntary trekkers and most were acknowledged by the figures they trekked for. Some others trekked from their rooms to the kitchen in collaboration.

But the fuel scarcity have affected the participation of the nationwide trek. The Trekkers Union have now admitted involuntary members to the new found era. The new members trekked to Mosque on Friday, Church on Sunday, and Work on Monday. Distance trips have been cancelled, flight cancelled, marriage cancelled, ACs off, Generator rationed, cars parked and blogs unattended, parties closed, church services shortened, Radio stations down, Mobile networks down, etc.

But within the last week, the black marketers have flooded the streets with petroleum products. The regular N87/litre PMS is being sold for as high as N500/litre. Motorists are tempted to purchase from the kegs by the way but the colour and quality of those product remains a mystery.

Rumors have it that the black marketers purchase from the hoarding petrol stations at midnight, perform some chemical processing like mixing, sedimentation, material balance and “quality” check before it is made available in kegs for users.

If you have a big engine car or you love your car,  i advise you just park it at home and join the trekkers and public commuters. It will save your car.

But for how long can we bear? How long can we trek? How long can we purchase “quality” fuel in kegs? I hear Ifeanyi Uba and his Capital Oil have started giving out fuel and the marketer’s strike has been called off. Ok na.

My UPS has finally given up. How is your inverter?  Still on? Those with solar power will be glad.



By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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Stop MTN Unsolicited Messages

It was a Monday morning, i was dressed in suits and was in an important meeting with the Manager alongside other colleagues as we were introduced to the new technologies and management system. Everyone was attentive and no one wanted to left behind the new Change wind so as to be in line with the new regulations.

As expected, everybody’s phone were silent except that of the Manager, as he is always above the regular law. He is the boss. He pays our bills. But we were allowed to pick calls, if and only if it is important.

I had attended a job interview the penultimate Friday and i had hopes of being called that Monday. I was looking forward to joining a bigger firm but wasn’t bold enough to be in the labour market again. I am not a member of Labour Party. So my mind was on my phone hidden deep down my trouser pocket.

I dashed out of the meeting room, with my phone vibrating in my pocket. I had hopes that it was a call from the job interview but lo and behold, it was an avalanche of text messages from MTN – seriously?!!!??!?!?!?!?!? I was goshified and immeasurably irked. This is the umpteenth time i have dashed out from a gathering/meeting only see such useless and frustrating message from MTN.

I had written before about this type of messages but it seems Nigerians have continually been disturbed by this service providers. MTN have gone ahead with various other types of nuisance that have flooded my inbox and disturbed my mobile peace. Messages from 33117, 4501, 5029, Xtratime, 33073, 32285, 53882, 54884, 5021 have caused untold hardship but worry not. There is a solution now. Or, there have been a solution since but i just found it.

I struck the Gold mine yesterday on Facebook on Uzoma Obasi’s wall. See below:

How to stop MTN’s frustrating messages/calls. If you get texts from these popular short codes – 5021, 5020, 5030, 5031, & 4100, follow these steps to stop these messages. Send STOP to 33111. You should get a reply that reads “You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you”. No more interrupting sms from MTN.

I hope you find peace with your mobile phones now, just as i have found peace since last night.


Another Week, Sacking Continua, But….

So we thought the flow of the sacking letters have been temporarily halted after the previous week of dismissals and terminations. We merry-ed and rejoiced. We went on with our daily duties, as if nothing had happened. We felt safe. We even celebrated a colleague’s 10th anniversary with the firm. How a decade can look like a day and within a twinkle, it is thrown to the trash and reset to zero.

The information from our South South base was disheartening. One of the sacked employee threatened fire and brimstone but we are yet to see the effect of the fire and brimstone approach. He boasts of higher powers that sit with Zeus in Mount Houston. Can you love your employer more than the way he/she loves you? Can you love the company you are working for more than the way the company loves you?

A termination letter may not be the worst that has happened to a couple of my colleagues – senior colleagues – founding father-like colleagues. A good number were happy they were even sacked than wait for retirement. Those that had about a month or two to be retired were spared of the sledge hammer. How they gnashed their teeth in anger because the hammer had missed them. They have since then been awkward at the office, uttering some weird speeches. Can’t they just go and offer their living sacrifice to the HR and save others the whining and crying.

When your family and community is liquidly, gaseously and solidly behind you, you may need to fear no termination with any company located in your community. It is like being covered with the blood of Jesus passing through the valley of shadow of death. Nothing do you. The community held the company to ransom demanding that their son(s) be reinstated to their sacked positions. They locked the entrance gates and shut down operations. How the negotiations will go is above my pay grade or blog-ship.

The stories from yonder felt like tales by moonlight but when you have seen three lovely, caring ladies, sitting on the same floor with you, asked to leave the firm, you will understand the mood this Oil Price and future merger has caused. I will miss them ladies and the colour they add to the atmosphere. Just like that, they were told to go.

Hopefully, they will find more happiness after this. Everything happens for a reason. God does not play dice. He doesn’t work with luck. He sees. He knows. His time is the bestest. He doesn’t need the Oil Price to effect a change. Fuel may be scarce but He is never scarce, just seek. Shikena.

It could be you tomorrow, but how will God fight your battle if you have not carried him along all this while? Take him along in your journey of life and i can assure you he will guide and guard you.


A Sad Sacking Day, An Oil Price Effect

It was a Wednesday morning,  everyone had come to the office like normal,  aiming to go home by 4.30pm to see friends and family. Pleasantries have been exchanged,  breakfast munched, routine morning office chores being performed until the white paper came.

She had taken her little kid to school,  with all happiness with hope of returning home with a bigger grin of overcoming the rigours of the 8am – 4pm work day. But the grin was not to be.

Just as she was to visit a client for financial discussions, the HR called her privately and gave her the dreaded white paper. Her days have been numbered,  triggered by the dwindling oil price and the future merger.

Her tears knew no bounds as she went around saying her goodbyes and receiving consolations from colleagues,  some of who were later to receive their own white paper.

The atmosphere have been saddened with many colleagues sacked. All categories of were affected,  from the top managers to the drivers, old and new.

As a multinational firm, there have been directives from the CEO demanding for the workforce to be trimmed down to reduce the effect of the oil price on the company.

Those that have other means of income didn’t really feel the effect of the white paper especially after receiving good payoffs for serving the firm for a long time.

This was a wake-up call to every employee to seek other means of income and be wise in managing their major ones. Don’t put your egg in one basket.

To some,  the dismissal was unforeseen and was a shocking surprise to them. To others, it was a blessing they have been waiting for it.

In all,  have a plan and interact with your maker to confirm your plans and/or direct your future.

Have a nice weekend.


By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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No Aviation Fuel, No Arik Flight

It was a Friday morning, the 1st day of May 2015, a public holiday – Workers day – the beginning of a long weekend. I had woken up early aiming to be picked up by the shuttle bus to Murtala Muhammad Airport.

I had booked my flight on Thursday to the oil city of Warri after confirming from Arik about the availability of a flight. I woke up relatively late but was three-quarter dressed as i hopped into the shuttle bus in the early hours of that Friday.

My high hopes of seeing the city of Warri was dashed immediately i got to the airport. “No flight to Warri today, No aviation fuel” said my travel agent. Seriously? Thursday was hell in Lagos due to the fuel scarcity but i never expected it to affect flights out of Lagos.

I had given a piece of my mind on twitter with hastag #ArikAirFail and i shared a missed flight experience about a year ago not knowing that i will face a similar situation soonest. What is wrong with Arik.

They informed us that they had just two flights out of Lagos that Friday – 7am flight to Port Harcourt and 9am flight to Abuja. Every other flight was cancelled, even for the next day Saturday. I was livid because other flight providers like Aero et al were not cancelling their flights. You need to see the way people reacted to the news. Few days ago, the passengers had a major showdown where they blocked the exit doors of the boarding room.


Give My Money!!!

So does it mean that the scarcity affected just Arik or they had used up their resource faster than others. I refuse to accept that. Flights to non-PH and non-abuja cities have a 50-50 chance of coming to pass with Arik.

So I waited and hoped for a miracle. I was to catch a crew in Warri going to do a field job. I had to be in Warri by 1pm but as at 12.45pm, there was no hope.

I looked around looking for where to sit -none – except for a couple of metal pews managed by the snacks bar/shop. Where are the pews that used to be in the airport hall? They have been moved away and replaced by kiosks belonging to the likes of MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel. Imagine standing from 6am till 1pm. There is no fear of God at all.


No seats, recharge your phones

What has this country become? What has Arik become? Their cancelled flights are becoming unbearable despite being the most expensive flight provider.

Nigerians will begin to talk bolder steps and demand for quality service from providers of services. How long can we continue to be comfortable by just hoping?


Jump Starting?

I got home disappointed to have missed that job. It was to be my first in a while. My flatmates were surprised to see me back but i was disappointed to have seen my plans dashed.

Can we continue like this?


By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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