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Tales From FEGO: Who Stole The Corridor?

Abruptly, he was woken by the sound of the cane on the metal box at the entrance of the room. He disliked Saturday morning activities. This had made him choose a corner that had a window without louvers or net to ease his passage to the corridor outside the hostel. It was a perfect route out of the troubles of the house officials and captains.

He took his slippers that he laid between his bed and his bunk, with the search light momentarily off his direction, he took a leap – a regular leap. This leap usually takes a fraction of a second but lo and behold he was still in transit falling at the impact of gravity. He was alarmed and he cried with a loud voice “Who Stole The Corridor?!!!!

It dawned on him that he was no more in HCS Block but on the top floor of the two storey building in the hostel – The Main Block. His regular escape plan has backfired and he will most likely be caught and more worrisome is that he may get badly injured. He wept and screamed as he landed for the floor.

That was an example of the kind of shock some of went through whenever we changed hostels. It may not be as extreme as above but the need for quick adaptation is needed in order to achieve any manner of happiness. Moving from one hostel to another is a mark of promotion from one level to another. This is the case at the beginning of every session in FEGO (FGC Odogbolu) and virtually every Unity and boarding house.

This movement requires the movement of your bags, lockers and all that belongs to you to the new hostel. It is usually frantic as everyone tries to be among the early birds to get the best spots in the new hostel. In some cases you may even have to carry your bunk to the new hall. This usually happens within the first week of resumption and most likely on a Friday evening.

The ideal hostel movement in FEGO is such that the older you are in the school, the closer you are to Main Block and the Ground Floor that houses the SS3 students. From Government Block (JSS1) to PTA Block (JSS2) to HSC Block (JSS3) to Top Floor (SS1) to Middle Floor (SS2) and finally Ground Floor (SS3). This routine only differed for those that stayed in Extension and Common Room.

New Block and Government Block are far from the giding activities that happens in the vicinity of Main Block. Sadly it was difficult for SS1 boys who had to pass through the Main Block entrance at the ground floor to reach their rooms at the top floor. Nevertheless, survival was needed and included but not limited to following the back gate, feigning injuries and sickness, telling lies etc.

Who stole the corridor? Please don’t jump.


Picture: Recent picture from the Main Block


Hello 2017!!!

First, Happy New Year!!!

I don’t mean the Chinese New Year, but that can also be implied. It is my first post of the year right here. Accept my apology for leaving blog-webs here. I had to do this before February clocks in. The demands of life is taking its toil but here am I.

So the New Year started like every other new year. Resolutions were made, goals were set, agreement made and the ball is set rolling. Like in physics, the most difficult part of motion is the inertia. You need more energy to start and accelerate until you can steady along.

One major resolve I made was to go through a Bible plan for 2017 targeted at finishing the holy book in a calendar year. Inspired by a colleague at work, being a group is helping me achieve the target. We are using the 2017 plan on Youversion E-Bible and it has been great. Each day brings something new and sharing it with a group can be encouraging. Thank you Cynthia.

In addition to the Bible plan, I got a gift version of Our Daily Bread for 2017. It has been serving as a devotion for me since the beginning of 2016. My workplace fellowship introduced the daily devotional to me and it is a regular for me before I leave my house in the morning. Thank you Barrister Ise.

There are other inspirational that have kept me going in January. Pastor John Piper and his colleagues at DesiringGod.Org is doing a great job. Blunt and realistic Gospel. You have to subscribe to that site. Thank you Favour. Yes, I have not sent you an Experience Post for your blog. Apologies.

Now don’t think everything has been perfect. We had a disjointed start within the house and I am yet to read a book in the New Year. But, we thank God in all things.

As you know I love football but in case you don’t know there is one man I love the most – Roger Federer. He is an inspiration to my love and is the greatest sports person ever. I have loved him since Adam and I used to think the name of the sport was Federer instead of Tennis.

Last Sunday, he won his 18th grandslam despite being seeded as 17th and aged 35, beating Rafal Nadal – the man that has always been on his heels. A strong opponent but Federer overcame. No matter the challenge, this year will be different.

Federer is one of three men I hope to see before my body returns to dust. You can guess the other two – a Frenchman and another from Czech.

Same Sunday, I was at the Agege stadium to witness my first NPFL match of the season in flesh abs blood. MFM FC we’re 1-0 winners over visitors Kano Pillars. But that was not the highlight. I was a guest to an honourable member and the hospitality was out of this world. Homemade juice and lunch was wow.

Ok. That should be it for today. We will work at regular posts here. We still have the FEGO series to continue and another from my NYSC camp experience. I hope it all inspires you to draw nearer to God.

I love you but God loves you more. Happy New Month.



Applying Lessons Learnt

After the test, I walked out of the hall, worried and lost. I was disappointed at my performance and couldn’t believe I was only able to attempt just one out of four questions. It was a disaster and below my expectation. I was devastated. As I took calculated steps towards my hostel, I knew I had to do something to avert the slide. We were heading for an unknown period of school strike no thanks to demands from the National Universities Commission (NUC).

We were taking stocks some weeks ago. I was taking stock of my academic life that fateful day. Have you been able to document your life in different fields? I bet you have taken your time to play back 2016. You smiled at some and frowned at others. You wished for a replay of some events and hoped that some others will never occur again.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -St. Francis of Assisi

There were some highlights you would love to hold on to for the new season. There were some methods that produced so much fruits. There was a reading pattern that helped you pass your exams. There was a bible app that helped you draw closer. There was a routine that made you healthier and happier. There was something that stood exceptionally glorious. There were friends that brought out the best in you. Hold on to them or still look for further improvement.

There were few that held you down and restricted your flight in some fields. There were colleagues that made you feel less of yourself and had a way of talking you away from your divine goal. There were patterns that hindered your activities. There were some activities that drew you away from God. There were some apps that took much of your time. Prune them. End them. Turn around.

If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell. – Matthew 5:29

Back to my opening experience story, I spent the 2 months NUC strike on that course – Engineering Thermodynamics. For the first time, I bought two past question booklets with answers. One was for Engineering Thermodynamics and the other for Computer Studies. I just didn’t understand the latter. I buried myself in these past question booklets, answering them over and over again. I was still dazed by my performance in that test.

It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act. -The Dalai Lama

These are lessons learnt but they are not just for documentation purposes. They are for your improvement. Wouldn’t you like to be better in the New Year, the new season? There is always room for improvement. You shall have no better yesteryears.

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. – Philippians 3:12-15

Cheers. @AmosCP

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An Empty Office…

Last week was not a pleasant one. Sitting in the office today, it looks empty. The naive notion is that the festive season is on and a good number have travelled to see family and relatives. But it is not so. There was a sweep.

The economic recession in the land has taken its toil again and lightning has stricken twice at the same spot. Few months ago, it was same but worse. Four were sacrificed for the seemingly greater good but it was not to be. Last week another two joined the fray from my closet. It was shocking and was never expected. It was like Jesus dying twice for our sins.

It is a very hard decision to let go off your workforce but then the decision has to be made. It is only modest to make the right decision with the right reasons. There is no one to speak to across the wooden divide again. That cubicle is empty and filled with wrath. The wrath of voiceless injustice. Across the Niger, he is gone. Hanged for a scenario that is of little importance. The deed is done, the reaction is irreversible. Call a dog a bad name and it is easy to hang him.

When someone is hellbent about bringing you down, it is usually hard to convince him the other way. You can only do your part and hope that the forces that be favours you. It is a world of favour. I pray that God’s favour leads you on.

There is more than the eye sees. There is a 4th state of matter and another dimension of life. Fight your battles in those realms and see the results in the visible realms.

Ok enough… just Ride along with The King.

Compliments of the Season.

Tales From FEGO: HSC Block


Inside A Room in Main Block – There were no fans in those days (courtesy: Damola)

One quick jump and I was away, out of the hostel through my window. I was on my heels away from the officials that have come to gidi us on that Saturday morning. For heavens sake, it was not an inspection Saturday but I had to make use of my window – the one good and bad aspect of my stay in the oldest hostel in FEGO. The HSC Block.

Sandwiched between New Block and PTA Block, the HSC Block used to be assigned to the JSS2 students until Government Block was built. In front of HSC Block stood the school mosque and the dispensary just around. At the back was a large grass land which formed a major part of Saturday morning clearance. Sometimes ridden with snakes, bush rats and all sort of grass loving animals, it was our duty to clear those grasses so that we could see any activity on the Ikoyi road the staff quarters beyond.

With a big quadrangle, HSC had a good space for Saturday indoor football. Although baptized with wicked stones, the boys shunned those hindrances in making sure they enjoyed themselves – with approvals from the hostel officials for sure. In this quadrangle was the open bath. No one used the walled baths because they were conducive. The open bath had 4 tap outlets through which water flows in the afternoons.

HSC was divided into two parallel building blocks. Chad and Cross houses were on one block as usual. Niger and Osun houses made do with the other block. Each block had 4 rooms with 2 for each house. For each two rooms assigned to each house there are two micro-mini rooms acting as dividers. I want to believe these rooms were not meant for living but we had captains and prefect who used them as heavens. Although small, it was a hub for Ironing, kpoksing and many more.

I moved into Room A of the rooms for Cross House. I got a corner by the wall and lived out my days in HSC block there. I spent two years in HSC block no thanks to the commissioning of the Government at the beginning of my second year. So I spent JSS2 and JSS3 in HSC. I dreaded wearing shorts in Main Block and was happy to spend one more year in the ancient HSC Block.

This brings me back to the opening part of this post. I returned from the long vacation, ready for another adventure. Lo and behold, I could not find my window net nor the louvers. I was exposed to the outside world but it was a quick entrance and exit from the hostel – just don’t be caught. It was a regular escape route for me in those dark mornings when the officials come around to gidi of punish.  I was near invisible.

Yemi joined me in the corner as an SS1 boy and I learnt some tricks from him. His friends frequented the corner and one of such friends had artificial rains falling on me from the top bunk one night. Sadly, when he was woken up, he stepped down, jumped out and cased closed.

There are so many other tales from HSC block – the bunk shakers, the ghost riders, the smelling gutters, jacked lockers, chained mattresses, space travels and many more.

Tiri gbosa for HSC Block. Ehen!! You know HSC means Higher School Certificate?

Enjoy your day and share your HSC experience with us.



September has always been a special month for me and it comes with numerous anniversaries:

August 28 – My Soteria was born. Yes, my September begins from August 28. Lovely kid. She has grown and has the inquisitivy I love. 

August 28 – 1st time live on Radio hosting a sports program with Unilorin FM. 1st time in Ilorin. All in 2015. Thank you Bayo.

August 30 – 1st official football match i watched live in flesh and blood: Shooting Stars 2-0 Abia Warriors. A brace from Sunday Adetunji. Lekan Salami stadium became the 1st stadium I watched a Nigerian League game. 2015

September 2 – 1st assignment with the engineering team in the Red base.

September 9 – Airborne for the 1st time. It was a chopper. Off to Samabri in Bayelsa. 1st trip to the field. Job came up by 15th.

September 10 – Nedu bossed into the world, trampling on the challenges brought forth, victorious as ever. 

September 15 – The beginning of my blogging experience. This blog and SoccerGunz were created. The former for Life and my experiences and the latter about football. You know I love football.

September 16 – An anniversary of the day I had my first fill of gaseous Oxygen gas. It made me cry but it filled my lungs to keep me. God has been good. He continues to be good. Thanks for your wishes.

September 18 – 1st trip to Warri. Area. When next will I be there? 2013

September 22 – Arsene Wenger was unveiled as Arsenal manager in 1996. Hate him, love him, yab him, he is a unique man and brought revolution to the game. I know you love some virtues of him.

September 25 – The adventure at FGC Odogbolu began. It was chilling Friday morning in 1998. 6 formative years. I still have a lot to write about FEGO.

That is the lot I can share. It comes with the September rains after the August break. I always look forward to this time of the year, especially the fulcrum of September – the 16th.

God will continue to keep me and you until our assignments are finished on earth. Be ready for the great feast. For now, Praise Him for today is special.


Tales From FEGO: The Inter-House Sports, Our Olympics

The world is gathered in Rio for the 2016 Olympics where over 200 Nations are competing for medals. It is buzzing from Brazil but everyone looks forward to the Inter House Sports Day in Odogbolu, which some times doubles as a mid term day.

Just like the Olympics, it is impossible to cover every sport in a single day. There is usually some of the sports that are summarized during the heats. The Cross Country Race marks the beginning of the various heats before the D-Day. Team sports including Basket Ball, Football, Volley ball are rounded up before the D-Day. There is more emphasis on Athletics as such it gathers more buzz than Football.

Football usually takes center stage after the 3rd term exams where the Senior League is the talk of the school while the exam scripts are marked. We would talk about the Senior League later.

Back to the Inter House Sports (IHS), I remember a 10,000m race during one of the heats. At the blast of the whistle, one of the hyper-active dining hall officials racing for Chad or Niger house started with a sprint. He could only sprint for the first 200m before he was overtaken by those who knew that they would need to go round the track for about 25 times. He couldn’t even finish the race. Fun and shame.

You could see the excitement from the stands as the participants from the 4 houses raced round the track in anticipation of a top 3 finish. There were fans, babes and guys. You were running for pleasure, pride and enjoyment. There were glucose, water and cheers from the supporters. It was one vent away from the demands of class work.

The middle distance races (1500m, 800m) were quick but fun as well. The ladies were more involved this time around. The relay races was wonderful. Changing batons were key and the final laps were glorious. The 4x400m had to be done in the heats but the 4x100m was needed on the D-Day. The long jump and triple jump had their days. Events were usually classified into 4: Junior boys, Junior girls, Senior girls and Senior Boys.

The D-Day starts up with the lighting of the IHS torch. Yes, we had a torch like that of the Olympics. Each of the house have a matching squad headed by a queen and a king. Funny stuff. They were followed by the 4 heads – Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head girl. The heads were usually dressed in blazers while the houses wore colours that matched their identity.

There were top dignitaries from around with the Traditional Odogbolu leader always present. Parents and Teachers were accommodated in the stands while the houses take cover in the canopies across the pitch. We usually had other schools participate in a couple of races. FGC Sagamu, Kings College, Odogbolu High School were regulars.

With the track well marked before the IHS day, sprint races were the toast of the day. There were 100 meters for teachers, parents, invited schools and others but there was none like the 200 meters Senior Boys and 100 meters Senior Boys. It was the climax.

How will I forget Stanley Inyemama and Ezekiel a.k.a. eshin in sprint races or Laro who was as quick as lighting especially on the 200m curve. Agbodidi, Lekan Kioki and Imam Idris made high jump look like easy. Julius won Golds for Cross house in throws. Shot-puts were like peebles to him and I believe the discus was like a dining hall plate in his hands. My sister even won a couple of medals from the throws. Some lanky Osun house fellow surprised himself with the javelin throw. Ooh the beauty of the missile in the air as it crosses our football pitch. 

Others include Ogungbemiro John, Orilade Obahi, Micheal Elumeze, Deji Ogundele, Dipo Sodiya, Lekan Diya, Kufre, Utube, Yemi Babatunde, Salami Sodiq, Akolade Dotun, Aramide, Goodluck Otobo, Afolabi Kashimawo, Akinjole, Williams, Monsurat, Biodun Balogun, Chima Ananaba, Alex, Azeez lawal, Chidebere ugboja, Chuka ugboaja and many more. Do you still remember Ezinne Ogidi? Small and portable in size, Cross House’s Ezinne was the queen of the distance races. I can still her chants of “Ezinne! Ezinne!!” from the stands.

In the 6 Inter House Sports I witnessed in FEGO, Cross house were overall winners in at least 3. The excitement of the Olympics have triggered this and I wish I can tell you more – the training, the near misses, the tears.

How did you enjoy your sports in school? Was it as fun-filled as mine?