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The Last 7 days of 2014

How time flies. Seconds ago we were thinking of entering 2014 but now 2014 seems all wrapped up awaiting to present 2015 to us.

It is the yelutide season where the population of chickens will have a drastic decline with the rams excited to be left out of the celebrations. It is just 7 days to the new year and the celebrations are in top gear.

Wait a minute! Why are you celebrating? Seeing the end of the year? Sure, you should. But you need to look back and see how far you have gone if you used January 1 as a set point. You need to ask yourself the great question “am i living the way He wants me to?”

You may have been smart, fast, quick, sharp, early, good looking and the best qualities available but are you really sure you kept yourself from January till date? Are you very sure you have directed your life this far all by yourself?

It is a period to be thankful, and show appreciation to as many as have affected your life in even the minutest way. It is also a period to rate your year and plan for the next year. It is period to get the “reasons” and document “lessons learnt”. It is a period to set the goals again.

It is a period to know why He chose you and why He loves you. It is all about Him. All of it is about him. He is my urstuff and my Lord. He is Jesus Christ.

An unexamined life is not worth living. Make yours worthy. Make this 7 days the greatest 7 days of your life. Take a pen and write those goals down. Don’t forget to get Him involved.

Enjoy….in Christ