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Dust The Cobwebs and Lets See

**Dusting the cobwebs** ** coughing profusingly** **E don tey**

It has been long that I blogged on this blogsite and that has been due to some reasons best none to me (smile). So many have happened in the space of tim ethat i allowed the dust level to grow millimeters thick and allow the black widow spider to build an edifice webzone in this blog.

I have crossed several states from the extreme West of Nigeria to the near extreme South of the country in search of the Black Gold. The Ultimate search has always started from the Forgotten Capital of Nigeria, Zungeru to the the Excellence center of Lagos. Finally, the base is Red and I can spring forth from thence

I indeed have left new found friends, old friends, neighbours, family, loved ones and responsiblities to acquire tougher ones that would make the Isreali enjoy the fruit of the Land in Canaan. I am adapting to my PORTing and I have a reunion with the Banks of FUTO. forgive my proverbs.

Seriously, the expectation is high and the demand is intense but i cant continue to see the cobwebs extend. I need to write. I do love to write. since the FUTO era to the NYSC era and beyond, the drive to write still whispers and sometimes screams loud. From Corper to Writer to Editor to Blogger to Teacher to Leader to Mentor to Engineer.

So, back to the Cobwebs, look up. yes, now, look up. can you see any cobweb in your room. it may look little but it grows daily. why note take a broom and wipe it off.

Hey, where is your Bible? when last did you read it? you have cobwebbed it and you think God wont relegate you to the rear. why not do you part and challenge God. A chapter a day isnt bad!! Love God and keep his commandment.

cleanliness, they say is next to godliness.

dust the cobwebs and lets see if there wont be a change.

I don tire for today. let me get home.

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