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Religious Broadcast: Jesus Send You A WhatsApp and BBM Message

As Christians, one of our duties is to “Go Ye, preach the gospel“. It is expected that we evangelise and win souls to Christ. As I scrolled through my Facebook timeline, I came across this piece on Chiebuka Nworah‘s page. You have to read it.

From a senior Oga, Chukwuemeka Ekenaka

“Welcome to Nigeria, where Jesus Christ send you a WhatsApp and BBM message, and threatens to kill you if you do not send it to 10 people”

The most annoying thing in all these is that graduates and supposed learned people send ‘miracle message’ to their friends everyday. These messages carries lots of threats – some messages will say you will suffer or go broke for a week if you don’t send them. The story making the rounds on social media recently, is of a woman who was pursued by a rat, fell and one of her legs’ disfigured since the fall – and if you do not type ‘Amen’, evil rat may locate you. You need to see the number of comments.

As Christians, we need to have open minds, we need to open our hearts and minds to healthy discussions. We need to think. Do you believe God will punish you if you refused to send those messages? Do you think your destiny is tied to a message on social media? Do you genuinely believe you will receive instant miracles after you type ‘Amen’ on that post? We claim to be Children of God, but we are scared of the future, scared of little things. You broadcast a message to 14 people on social media and believe in your heart that you gonna wake up tomorrow a billionaire. What is wrong with us? Like seriously, what is really wrong with us? Without hardwork, determination and purpose, you allow your destiny to rest solely on miracle messages on social media. Don’t tell us you are sending those messages for ‘sending sake’. Don’t tell us there’s no harm sending miracle messages. Stop it, it is just not cool.

I have seen a quite number of stupid things in my life, but this takes the biscuit. You can broadcast your message all you want, but stop disturbing the peace of your innocent friends. You can go ahead and create fourteen (14) fake accounts and send your nonsense message to those accounts. Stop spreading your fears on social media. We are not gullible. Our God is too big to send threats to make people obey Him – our God CAN’T do that. Hide your head in shame and leave us alone!

ME: Right well said.

For me i feel most irritated when a friend that have said “how are you
for ages sends you those threatening broadcasts. I don’t broadcast such.

So, ladies and gentlemen, beloved brothers and sisters, create an avenue to win souls not just broadcasting threats as messages. Jesus asked for water from the Samaritan woman before laying her past and present before her.


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