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My Nokia X2-01 is Two

It was an harmattan hazed afternoon in the Alaba International suburb of Lagos. The roads were rowdy and the market was crowded with many shopping last minute in anticipation of the expected close of the market in 4 days time. It was the December 20th of 2011.

I had returned from the cosmopolitan town of Zungeru, the 1st capital of Amalgamated Nigeria. There was one action item that i needed to close out: Get a Nokia phone that could browse. With the remnant of 6 months paid NYSC allowance, i delved into the market with my brother, an Alaba International specialist.

I chose Nokia X2-01 on that day and immediately felt fly perusing the phone. This X2-01 relegated my Nokia 1200 to background and took center stage. I immediately downloaded relevant application that could keep me company in times of solace. Opera Mini, 2go, PES 2011, F1 Racing, Whatsapp are example of such.

This phone has seen the sands of time, crossed the two major rivers of NIgeria, had it share of falls and hits, beaten by rain and storm, scratched and even man-handled (phone-handled). With my game-ful-ness, i have pressed away the descriptions on the key but can still navigate my way around.

I may have landed on the newest planet on the galaxy, but the proximity of my X2-01 still remains. My real line is on it.

I have moved from Sony Erricson T200 in January 2006, to Nokia 1112, which was stolen in 2008. Another Nokia 1112 made up for the stolen one till i ventured into the walls of China to get an Xbluetooth dual-sim phone in the christmas periods of 2008. These dual-sim chinco phone was never to last as its connectivity problems made me get another Nokia phone: 1200.

Happy Birthday my Nokia X2-01.


Yhello MTN: I Hate These Messages

It was the first week of the month and as an NYSC corps member my monthly allowance popularly called allowie was yet to be paid for nthe last 6 weeks. The reserves was getting low and thus expenses was drastically reduced.

Every corp members had their phones close by, anticipating a bank alert from NYSC. We laid on our mattresses, played games on our PCs and phones, listened to the roasting of cocks and bleats of sheep, hoping for that alert. The Message tone of my phone was heard and I rushed in anticipation only to see a message from MTN N.

MTN N annoying messages

MTN N annoying messages

With annoyance, I bellowed at my phone and throw it farther away from me. So many Nigerians receive this type of messages daily and the contents of this message are exemplified in the list below:

  • It’s Y’ello Friday. Get free dating tips from MTN Play all week long. Text DATE to 700 to get started! Offer ends 11:59pm 15th November, 2013
  • Be vigilant about monitoring ur child. Gone are the days when you drop our child with your neighbor. Text CAP to 700 for Child abuse prevention tips. N50/week
  • Wanna Play? Brainteaser Quiz. Answer 3 questions for a chance to Win Airtime recharge pins of N100, N200, N400 & N750! Text BRAIN to 31077. N10/SMS. T&C Apply.
  • Enjoy 1 Month Free Twitter, Eskimi or 2Go when you activate MTN GoodyBag Social bundles this season at only N60 monthly. Simply dial *662# and select a bundle
  • Are u 08034220767? Please send OK to 7070! Your 08034220767 is one of the successful with access to MTN’s N2,000,000 draw today! Subscribe for N100/day.
  • Another week of exciting prizes to be won! BB Z10, Galaxy tab 3 and more! Text DETTOL to 5030 now! N10/SMS

These and many more are example of messages I receive from MTN on a daily basis. Some may seem helpful and insightful but many if not all end up in wasted funds. Imagine subscribing for N100/day aiming to get N2,000,000 daily prize? Scam.

I don’t know if I am out-of-luck or that these promo especially from 5030 are dubious. I received a message from 5030 just like the last one above (Biggest news of the year. DETTOL soap is now N100. Come on board to win fantastic prizes and a grand prize of KIA RIO with Dettol. Text Dettol to 5030. N10/SMS). I decided to try it out to see the end. I was not bothered by the N10/sms and was licking my lips for the KIA RIO

I sent “DETTOL” to 5030 and another message came in: (Answer 3 questions correctly and qualify for this week’s fabulous prizes! Dettol soap new price is 01A.200 01B.100 Send answer to 5030. E.g. 01A)

I looked at the message and budgeted N30 more for the game. I was to be disappointed after the third question to see another question. it went on until I had answered about 11 questions. N110 was gone and this was the message that emerged:”Excellent! You have entered into this week’s draw ujwkagzyua

I waited for a week to see any further message to see if I had won or how I had fared. but I was only sent another message to play again. I just vex. I played along because I could afford N100 at that time but these messages are getting me annoyed by the day.

You might be making an important call, attending an important meeting only to be interrupted by a message from MTN or any other network or pseudo-network telling you some mumbo-jumbo.

Do you remember this MTN ULTIMATE WONDER promo? SCAM!! can tell you more.

Have you experienced what I have experienced? Please share in the comment section.

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