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I am the God Who is Watching

Happy New Year Friends and my esteemed readers. you are welcome to 2013.

i perused through my facebook timeline and one of my academic friends, Oluwatoyin Taiwo, a graduate of university of Lagos had a poem posted on his wall. Toyin is a chemical engineer like me and i have known him since the JETS competition days of our secondary school era.

below is the poem.

Tonight a baby is crying,
While his mother is weeping,
For her husband is dying,
Yet his neighbour is sleeping,
In silence God is watching.

“I am the baby crying
What can you do for me?
In three days I’ve not eaten
A single happy meal
What can you do for me?”

“I am the mother weeping
Why is he leaving me?
And our baby is starving
With me I have no penny
Why is he leaving me?”

“I am the husband dying
Who will save me from death?
Of my wife and kid hurting
I cannot bear the thought
Who will save me from death? “

“I am the neighbor sleeping
Why are they making noise?
They just keep on disturbing
But I must get some sleep
Why are they making noise?”

“I am the God who’s watching
Why won’t they call on me?
I see and hear their crying
And can help their situation
Why won’t they call on me?”
Toyin Taiwo © 2013

God is indeed watching, but He wants you to call on Him. He would surely answer.