Monthly Archives: October 2017

Oh September!!!

Tired. That is how I feel after a 13 hours trip from the Granite City down south to the capital via some popular cities. It marked the end of my favourite month of the year – September.

While the trip provided me with an opportunity to strike off one of the items on my bucket list, September had its highs and lows. One of such low took me by surprise and ranks among the greatest surprises I have experienced. Now, I am usually not taken by surprise but I won’t bore you with the details.

Rather, I would share few lessons learnt from the last 30 days.

  • Be positive and work it out. There were times that the odds were against a positive result. By faith, I pulled through with my colleague on that project. The recommendations was a soothing relief to the work done.
  • Flee negativity. Don’t spend your time and consciousness about negativity. Just leave a negative conversation if you can’t turn it around. Don’t be baptised to it.
  • Respect All. Sometimes we look down on some persons either because we believe that we are more knowledgeable or wealthier or wiser or have better jobs than them. Don’t look down on anyone – even the garbage collector.
  • Flesh and blood will disappoint. Times come when our dependency on fellow beings fail woefully and the need to trust in the Lord is emphasized. Anyone can disappoint you but Jesus Christ won’t. When it happens, be cool.
  • Forgive. If we can’t forgive, we shouldn’t expect forgiveness from our father. Just let it go. Vengeance is of the Lord.
  • Apologize. A soft response turns away anger. An apology doesn’t necessary mean one is wrong or right. It is a first step to reconciliation. It opens up opportunities for further dialogue and proper understanding. Don’t cower in the “I can’t apologize for what I didn’t do wrong”. You never can tell.

There are so many others – be patient with people, avoid hasty conclusions, seek to hear people out completely, dialogue, be considerate, be happy, wear a smile, worry less, be selfless, make sacrifices, switch off. Yes, switch off. Go off the grid and catch your breathe.

Ok. That is enough for September. Hello October.