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Just A Little Sin, Not A Little Consequence

I sat at my desk navigating through the open windows in search of an answer to a question that have stuck my eyes to my screen for hours. A colleague was just coming in from a meeting and he was unhappily stressed. He went to administer to a daily issue but came back with a look that had “stress” written all over him on like before.

This guy that swapped top and bottom plug has made life difficult for me” He mourned. “Everything continuous to be difficult since that incident” he continued. “references are always being made to that incident

We live in a world where so many things seem insignificant until they malfunction or go wrong. In the above story, over 3.4million USD was paid for that mistake. It is like swapping your slippers: wearing the right slippers on the left foot and vice versa.  worsening the whole scenario is the fact that the sequence and method of loading the plugs are written on the body of the plug.

The above may look foreign to you both we most times take some little things for granted. We by-pass procedures, overlook instructions, seek shortcuts , take seriousness for granted, dodge responsibilities and even throw a blind eye over evil. We just feel at ease failing to adhere to the simplest of instructions.

A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to rest,”Then your poverty will come as a robber And your want like an armed man. (Prov 24:33-34; Prov 6:10-11)

The above text stated twice in Proverbs has a good number of “A little” and you could see the consequence which isn’t “a little”. This may look mild pointing towards laziness and idleness, but what can you say about Achan in Joshua.

The LORD’s command to Israel not to take from Jericho anything that was to be destroyed was not obeyed. A man named Achan disobeyed that order, and so the LORD was furious with the Israelites… Joshua 7:1 GNB

The Israelites had conquered Jericho and were to wipe out Ai but the sin of one man brought great consequences on the Army. After being chased by Ai and killing 36 Hebrew soldiers, the army lost courage and were afraid. Achan had to be fished out and this is what he confessed

Among the things we seized, I saw a beautiful Babylonian cloak, about 2Kg of Silver and a bar of Gold weighing over half a kilogram. I wanted them so much that i took them. you would find them buried inside my tent, with the silver at the bottom. Joshua 7:21 GNB

A little lust over the goodies had made Achan defy an instruction from The Almighty. Achan was stoned to death, but you are still alive. So many times we allow the lust of our eyes to drive us to do what we, as Christians aren’t meant to do. we defy the simple instructions, hide our sins under our pillows and put up a bold face but the Lord would search you out.

God sought out Mariam when she murmured against Moses and Leprosy was hers to get for her murmurs. Aaron may have not been immediately punished but he didn’t cross the Jordan. Even Moses hit the Rock instead of speaking to it and thus he never entered the Promised land. Reuben lost his birthright because of sexual urge. He slept with his father’s wife.

It is not just about the stories and examples listed in the Bible. In our day to day activities we overlook so many instructions.

  • do you know that your phone could explode as you are answering a call as it is plugged?
  • have you wondered why the no-phone sign are in petrol stations?
  • have you asked why it is instructed to blow off your kerosene lamps and stoves before refilling?
  • Do you put on your electrical appliances before putting on your generator
  • Do you pull out your USB without ejecting
  • Do you ping while walking on the road
  • Do you hang on moving vehicles
  • name it… you know many.

See how little these scenarios and sins may seem but the consequences are great, so many of which live on with us. Don’t take little instructions for granted. And if you aren’t a christian yet (I don’t mean church goers), there is little or no time left. A little Faith is needed.

There are no little consequences.