The Return

*dusting cobwebs*

I walked into the hall and nothing much had changed. The congregation was somewhat the same but they were a good number of spoken and unspoken hellos and his. It was like a mini-reunion. I had not seen a lot of the folks for over 2 months. I have been touring the world in agreement to a contract I signed over 4 years ago.

The reunion was short. I had hoped for a longer one but my return was to be for a little while. Home calls were like bells signing the beginning of the orthodox service. Home I went and she was there – my first.

Two months lost and surely she was excited. Excited and the reunion, stamped by the traditional hug and kisses. How much it feels to be back to the origin and inhale the air of rejuvenation. Little to discuss, plenty smiles to share, the reunion was spent. The return had hope. It beamed from her face.

While input has been reduced to the barest minimum, the love remains unshaken. Family storms continue to be weathered as we sail across the waves of life, irrespective of minor challenges that hit the boat.

The weight is much but the burden has been replaced by His yoke, which is easy. While we toil, he toils, she toils and we win. He takes the glory.

Miss that activity, mum. Thank you, dad. Thank you fam.


2 thoughts on “The Return

  1. ubrave

    Welcome back and very interesting story. I guess you wrote it on your mobile. Keep on at it and try to develop the theme further. I find myself wishing it was longer. Best wishes for this season.



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