September has always been a special month for me and it comes with numerous anniversaries:

August 28 – My Soteria was born. Yes, my September begins from August 28. Lovely kid. She has grown and has the inquisitivy I love. 

August 28 – 1st time live on Radio hosting a sports program with Unilorin FM. 1st time in Ilorin. All in 2015. Thank you Bayo.

August 30 – 1st official football match i watched live in flesh and blood: Shooting Stars 2-0 Abia Warriors. A brace from Sunday Adetunji. Lekan Salami stadium became the 1st stadium I watched a Nigerian League game. 2015

September 2 – 1st assignment with the engineering team in the Red base.

September 9 – Airborne for the 1st time. It was a chopper. Off to Samabri in Bayelsa. 1st trip to the field. Job came up by 15th.

September 10 – Nedu bossed into the world, trampling on the challenges brought forth, victorious as ever. 

September 15 – The beginning of my blogging experience. This blog and SoccerGunz were created. The former for Life and my experiences and the latter about football. You know I love football.

September 16 – An anniversary of the day I had my first fill of gaseous Oxygen gas. It made me cry but it filled my lungs to keep me. God has been good. He continues to be good. Thanks for your wishes.

September 18 – 1st trip to Warri. Area. When next will I be there? 2013

September 22 – Arsene Wenger was unveiled as Arsenal manager in 1996. Hate him, love him, yab him, he is a unique man and brought revolution to the game. I know you love some virtues of him.

September 25 – The adventure at FGC Odogbolu began. It was chilling Friday morning in 1998. 6 formative years. I still have a lot to write about FEGO.

That is the lot I can share. It comes with the September rains after the August break. I always look forward to this time of the year, especially the fulcrum of September – the 16th.

God will continue to keep me and you until our assignments are finished on earth. Be ready for the great feast. For now, Praise Him for today is special.



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