Tales From FEGO: #OnThisDay – The Last Valedictory Service

It was a Sunday afternoon and I sat in the midst of my colleagues well dressed around with suits and nice dresses. We were the toast of the program, it was our Valedictory service. It was our last day in our beloved FEGO.

The day before, I had to cut my hair. I have been lazying around since we finished NECO exams. We were as free as air. I had to look good for the day. I disliked and still dislike suits but I had to wear one for the day. I got one sewn. It was a colourful day. The assembly hall was lit.

There was no worry for food like my very first experience of a valedictory service in FEGO where I had to miss my lunch. I never attended any of such services until this day 12 years ago. I wasn’t hungry but had lunch packs for friends and family still in school.

It was a time to have one last hug, one last kiss, one last smile and one last look. It was a day to say goodbyes. I don’t think I have seen 90% of the persons I saw that day since then. Everyone has gone their separate ways. 20 kids cannot play together for 20 years. Within just about a month and some are already looking bigger than they left. The benefits of relaxation.

The awards were given – though i disagreed with one -, the speeches were spoken and heard, applauds and felicitations were continuous with well wishers taking one last photograph. I remember taking pictures with Dike, Niyi and a couple of other friends. Slum books were finalized and contact details exchanged.

It was always going to be rowdy with parents and teachers robbing minds and grinning from east to west as their wards bade farewell to the school that had formed them. The bad deeds are forgotten, the future is preached. Prospects of higher education was whispered around.

Yes!!! There was a book/journal that was shared that day and it had every student’s name and what they wanted to be in future. Did it finally work out? I wrote Architecture but ended up as a Chemical Engineer. I believe you are doing what you are happy with.

Twelve years look like 12 months ago. Thank you Federal Government College, Odogbolu.

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