Don’t Write Yourself Off

The most popular soap opera in the world came to an end few days ago with a relatively unknown team clinching the title under the noses of more established, popular and pundit-approved teams. Leicester City were crowned champions of the 2015/16 Premier League.

In case you are not a football person, let me break it down for you. The most popular football brands across the universe include but not limited to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and recently Manchester City. The last 5 aforementioned names play in the English Premier Leagues and they command worldwide respect and innumerable fans with so much support.

By this time last year, Leicester City just survived relegation. They were grateful for not dropping out of the league. A year later, they are celebrating their first ever league title. Nobody predicted on the first of the league that they would be champions. Bookmakers and pundits had Arsenal and Manchester City as their expected champions but life is result oriented and not just speculations.

Too many times in life, we are faced against the odds. We are told “it cannot be done”, “it has never been done”, “you are not experienced enough”, “you don’t have a chance”, “”you are still new”, “you can’t understand”, “do you have somebody?”, “you don’t have first class”, “you are this”, “you are that”.

Too many times, the audience try to demoralize you even before you start. Friends and colleagues give you more reasons why you will fail rather than provide encouragement for success. Relatives talk down on your chances. You are left with you and yourself. Even your feelings could suggest you don’t even give it try.

You cannot succeed if you don’t try. You can’t triumph with a try. You have no chance at all if you write yourself off and refuse to try. You have look at the positives and bank on them as you make the journey to conquer. David had a sling and 5 stones, Goliath was fully armoured. Gideon needed just 300 men.

Leicester City needed Raineri, Mahrez, Vardy and Kante – and they succeeded. They had no Ozil, Hazard, Rooney nor Aguero. These were football players that could have won the title for their teams. They are highly paid and highly respected. Nobody looked at Leicester City just as nobody may care that you exist but they continued diligently. Even when the world said they would buckle, they remained strong.

Be diligent and remain focused. Never allow the mini-success to distract you from the ultimate goal. Enjoy the underdog label and grab thy price. Success has a lot of friends and unlikely success is a joy to the heart. You sure need a core and Jesus is the best.

Leicester City didn’t write themselves off. Hibernian didn’t write themselves off against Rangers despite failing to win in 114 years. Atletico Madrid didn’t shrink away from Barcelona and Real Madrid. Buhari didn’t give up to PDP.

Don’t write yourself off. Give it a try first.


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