The Rains Finally


The nights were dark, torturous and tormentous. The power supply nose-dived in recent times and the availability of the major fuel to the innumerable amount of generators in the land was scarce.

The days were hotter than usual such that you would pity those that habit in the north or in the Sahara desert. You can take it to non-physical levels and imagine how hot hell could be. It was as if someone left the gates of hell open. If your car’s airconditioner faulty, you had to make do with the hot air that wets your face dryly.

Even the minister of power said his kids had heat rashes. The epistemology of that claim matters little to those that roll around on their beds trying to seek comfort in the heat. Maybe he can have a census of generators in Nigeria or improve electricity conditions.

You can say it is the ozone layer, after all snow just fell in parts of Europe. So what about the Ozone Tax in Benue state? Have they sent anyone to space to repair the layer with some Benue made mortar made from the affordable limestone in the state? Or will they send the money to UN as a donation?

Never mind. The rain fell in the early hours of this morning. The wind was cool and then violent. It smelt of rain long before dawn. And then the rain started to drum on the surface of the earth. The music was a great melody to my body as i recoiled to extend my sleep.

It was like a new year, a new season and a new life. The day would eventually be wet all through the working hours and thus the traffic would be worse than before. But who cares, the coolness brought forth by the rain cannot be overshadowed by the traffic on the road.

For now, i can sleep much better than before. Hopefully, i don’t override the alarm and circumvent work tomorrow.

Thank God for the rain.


By @AmosCP
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