The Reason for the Christmas Season

Today is the 25th day of the 12th and last month of 2015, and it has been deemed as a special day be almost every nation in the universe unless you preach extremism of some religion like in Brunei, Saudi Arabia and the likes that have banned Christmas celebrations. But they cannot take away the joy and celebration being experienced across the globe. If there is no public holiday in the country where you are, you may want to apply for change of citizenship to another country, maybe Nigeria where there is a long weekend ahead in celebration of the season.


Jesus may have not been born on the 25th day of December years ago, but he is the reason for this season. I wish he could be the reason for every season because we ought to live for him. My Christmas is daily because he lives on in me. Every day is special for me just I am special to him at every moment. Jesus doesn’t wait till my birth anniversary to bless me. He blesses me daily. Am I not special? Are you not special?

The Christmas season is a season of givings and happiness. There is always a degree of reunion in various parts of the globe. School and work is on break, sons and daughters return home to their parents, families return to their roots. There is a super-duper meal prepared for all and sundry. There is food and drinks. Stories are told, games are played, movies watched and goals realigned.

There is more to this season than December 25 and reunions. This is a period to also look at the reason for our existence. The Bible tells us that the wise men asked, “Where is He who has been born King?” (Matthew 2:2).  That’s a good question to ask ourselves today—where is Jesus Christ in our lives? Are we living for Him? Is He a priority or have we put that relationship on a back burner, out of sight? He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but is He truly reigning in your life this Christmas season and after? Come to Him today, bow before Him, and let Him restore your soul.


In all thy celebration, if you are not saved your celebration is in vain. Work with God and see how he will celebrate you daily, showering you with unimaginable blessings.

Let Him be born into your life. He lives in me.

Remember to give to the less privileged and needy. Be merry and happy.


By @AmosCP


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