No Fuel and The Era of Treks and Kegs

Happy new week Nigerians and well wishers. Happy might have been exaggerated but Nigerians as we know have Ph.D in Suffering and Smiling since the days of Fela.

The previous week and the associated weekend have been hampered by the looming increasing fuel scarcity. Transportation fares have skyrocketed no thanks to the unavailability of fuel in the petrol stations. The stations have no PMS nor AGO.

I was indoors on Saturday but embarked on a journey on Sunday to see my family on the other side of Lagos. After waiting for about 45 minutes at the bustop without any sign of any taxi, cab or even bus. There was only one option: Trek.

The Trekkers Union of Nigeria hit the Nigerian media after the 2015 elections with various treks criss crossing the federation. From Lagos to Abuja, Abuja to Otueke, Kaduna to Abuja, the trekkers have not lacked publicity. They were voluntary trekkers and most were acknowledged by the figures they trekked for. Some others trekked from their rooms to the kitchen in collaboration.

But the fuel scarcity have affected the participation of the nationwide trek. The Trekkers Union have now admitted involuntary members to the new found era. The new members trekked to Mosque on Friday, Church on Sunday, and Work on Monday. Distance trips have been cancelled, flight cancelled, marriage cancelled, ACs off, Generator rationed, cars parked and blogs unattended, parties closed, church services shortened, Radio stations down, Mobile networks down, etc.

But within the last week, the black marketers have flooded the streets with petroleum products. The regular N87/litre PMS is being sold for as high as N500/litre. Motorists are tempted to purchase from the kegs by the way but the colour and quality of those product remains a mystery.

Rumors have it that the black marketers purchase from the hoarding petrol stations at midnight, perform some chemical processing like mixing, sedimentation, material balance and “quality” check before it is made available in kegs for users.

If you have a big engine car or you love your car,  i advise you just park it at home and join the trekkers and public commuters. It will save your car.

But for how long can we bear? How long can we trek? How long can we purchase “quality” fuel in kegs? I hear Ifeanyi Uba and his Capital Oil have started giving out fuel and the marketer’s strike has been called off. Ok na.

My UPS has finally given up. How is your inverter?  Still on? Those with solar power will be glad.



By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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