Stop MTN Unsolicited Messages

It was a Monday morning, i was dressed in suits and was in an important meeting with the Manager alongside other colleagues as we were introduced to the new technologies and management system. Everyone was attentive and no one wanted to left behind the new Change wind so as to be in line with the new regulations.

As expected, everybody’s phone were silent except that of the Manager, as he is always above the regular law. He is the boss. He pays our bills. But we were allowed to pick calls, if and only if it is important.

I had attended a job interview the penultimate Friday and i had hopes of being called that Monday. I was looking forward to joining a bigger firm but wasn’t bold enough to be in the labour market again. I am not a member of Labour Party. So my mind was on my phone hidden deep down my trouser pocket.

I dashed out of the meeting room, with my phone vibrating in my pocket. I had hopes that it was a call from the job interview but lo and behold, it was an avalanche of text messages from MTN – seriously?!!!??!?!?!?!?!? I was goshified and immeasurably irked. This is the umpteenth time i have dashed out from a gathering/meeting only see such useless and frustrating message from MTN.

I had written before about this type of messages but it seems Nigerians have continually been disturbed by this service providers. MTN have gone ahead with various other types of nuisance that have flooded my inbox and disturbed my mobile peace. Messages from 33117, 4501, 5029, Xtratime, 33073, 32285, 53882, 54884, 5021 have caused untold hardship but worry not. There is a solution now. Or, there have been a solution since but i just found it.

I struck the Gold mine yesterday on Facebook on Uzoma Obasi’s wall. See below:

How to stop MTN’s frustrating messages/calls. If you get texts from these popular short codes – 5021, 5020, 5030, 5031, & 4100, follow these steps to stop these messages. Send STOP to 33111. You should get a reply that reads “You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you”. No more interrupting sms from MTN.

I hope you find peace with your mobile phones now, just as i have found peace since last night.



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