Another Week, Sacking Continua, But….

So we thought the flow of the sacking letters have been temporarily halted after the previous week of dismissals and terminations. We merry-ed and rejoiced. We went on with our daily duties, as if nothing had happened. We felt safe. We even celebrated a colleague’s 10th anniversary with the firm. How a decade can look like a day and within a twinkle, it is thrown to the trash and reset to zero.

The information from our South South base was disheartening. One of the sacked employee threatened fire and brimstone but we are yet to see the effect of the fire and brimstone approach. He boasts of higher powers that sit with Zeus in Mount Houston. Can you love your employer more than the way he/she loves you? Can you love the company you are working for more than the way the company loves you?

A termination letter may not be the worst that has happened to a couple of my colleagues – senior colleagues – founding father-like colleagues. A good number were happy they were even sacked than wait for retirement. Those that had about a month or two to be retired were spared of the sledge hammer. How they gnashed their teeth in anger because the hammer had missed them. They have since then been awkward at the office, uttering some weird speeches. Can’t they just go and offer their living sacrifice to the HR and save others the whining and crying.

When your family and community is liquidly, gaseously and solidly behind you, you may need to fear no termination with any company located in your community. It is like being covered with the blood of Jesus passing through the valley of shadow of death. Nothing do you. The community held the company to ransom demanding that their son(s) be reinstated to their sacked positions. They locked the entrance gates and shut down operations. How the negotiations will go is above my pay grade or blog-ship.

The stories from yonder felt like tales by moonlight but when you have seen three lovely, caring ladies, sitting on the same floor with you, asked to leave the firm, you will understand the mood this Oil Price and future merger has caused. I will miss them ladies and the colour they add to the atmosphere. Just like that, they were told to go.

Hopefully, they will find more happiness after this. Everything happens for a reason. God does not play dice. He doesn’t work with luck. He sees. He knows. His time is the bestest. He doesn’t need the Oil Price to effect a change. Fuel may be scarce but He is never scarce, just seek. Shikena.

It could be you tomorrow, but how will God fight your battle if you have not carried him along all this while? Take him along in your journey of life and i can assure you he will guide and guard you.



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