A Sad Sacking Day, An Oil Price Effect

It was a Wednesday morning,  everyone had come to the office like normal,  aiming to go home by 4.30pm to see friends and family. Pleasantries have been exchanged,  breakfast munched, routine morning office chores being performed until the white paper came.

She had taken her little kid to school,  with all happiness with hope of returning home with a bigger grin of overcoming the rigours of the 8am – 4pm work day. But the grin was not to be.

Just as she was to visit a client for financial discussions, the HR called her privately and gave her the dreaded white paper. Her days have been numbered,  triggered by the dwindling oil price and the future merger.

Her tears knew no bounds as she went around saying her goodbyes and receiving consolations from colleagues,  some of who were later to receive their own white paper.

The atmosphere have been saddened with many colleagues sacked. All categories of were affected,  from the top managers to the drivers, old and new.

As a multinational firm, there have been directives from the CEO demanding for the workforce to be trimmed down to reduce the effect of the oil price on the company.

Those that have other means of income didn’t really feel the effect of the white paper especially after receiving good payoffs for serving the firm for a long time.

This was a wake-up call to every employee to seek other means of income and be wise in managing their major ones. Don’t put your egg in one basket.

To some,  the dismissal was unforeseen and was a shocking surprise to them. To others, it was a blessing they have been waiting for it.

In all,  have a plan and interact with your maker to confirm your plans and/or direct your future.

Have a nice weekend.


By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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5 thoughts on “A Sad Sacking Day, An Oil Price Effect

  1. enigma106

    That’s the reality of the world we live in.

    Nothing is permanent but the question will be how will someone plan for such unforseen events.

    May God help them.


  2. Nworah Chiebuka

    There is the need for every employee to have passive income. Anyone who has only one source of income is sitting duck.


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