Diary of An Eligible Voter part9 – After The Election

From Part8
So the melodramatic dust of the 2015 elections have settled in almost all parts of the country except for about 3 states set for rerun in few days time.

Losers have conceded defeat, congratulating the winners except in a couple of states where APC were the losers. The trend has been noticeable with PDP following the line of GEJ by accepting defeat. A good number of party warlords crossed the fence to the “greener” and “broomer” side to join the winning party of “Change“. Only a few seem to be determined to stay behind and live to fight another day. A few winners have extended their hand of fellowship like Ambode to Agbaje especially seeing that the loser has made public his desire not to contest again.

The transition has started from the Federal level to the state level. I have always wondered why the local government election is done at a different time at the discretion of the state governor. I hear a governor in an oil rich state is planning to do LG elections 2 weeks before his tenure expires after running on caretaker committee for years. I belief doing the LG election same period as the Federal or state will do rural politics more good than harm. The 3 year LG chairman tenure should also be scrapped to give no room for such puppet as undertakers Caretakers.

So the warring parties have shielded their swords, but so many two edged ones are still piercing unforgiving-ly:

“You cannot stop sinners from trooping into church or mosque. What you don’t do is hand over the pulpit to them” – Babatunde Fashola on emigrants from PDP to APC

Kashamu needs to stop this cynical fawning. It will not work. The days of false adulation are gone in Nigerian politics. Fake praise singers like Kashamu will find that their particular craft is no longer in vogue.
“Kashamu is knocking on the wrong door at the wrong house at the wrong time.” – Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Kashamu’s praise.

I salute Nigerians, especially the great people of Ekiti State. I salute President Jonathan for laying the most solid foundation for democracy in Nigeria.  And I salute Major General Buhari for being a resilience and dogged fighter. – Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state Governor.

So many other exchanges have gone on but the level of peace is soothing. Have you imagined if this would have been same if the results went the other way round?

The election monies have been shared, eaten and digested. Paid supporters, rented noise makers and maybe contracted riggers have gotten their wage and have moved on but the streets still have the feaces of the election. Show me a street/road/roundabout/bustop that is void of posters/banners of one or more political party.

The electioneering littered the nation especially in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano. I still see “Change” and “Forward” banners everywhere. The Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency have given everyone an ultimatum to remove all these expired posters or else….


Finally, it is past 7 days now and noone has perished in the Lagoon (to my knowledge). Someone said we should call him a bastard if…..

My political voting jugganautry for the period ended after i voted for A****E as the governor of Lagos. If only i will be in Imo for the rerun.

The End.


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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