Dairy of An Eligible Voter part8 – Gubernatorial Elections

From part7 about the Oba.

My battery went low and it was time to cast my vote for who will be the next governor of Lagos state come May 30 (or is it May 29 4pm?), 2015. The card readers had worked properly unlike two weeks ago when it malfunctioned.

One fifth of the previous accredited voters of last week didn’t bother to leave their homes. A couple felt their votes were not needed with the state of the political atmosphere. I felt it was my duty to exercise my rights and make my choice.

The process was faster than before and in a jiffy over 200 accredited voters in my Polling Unit casted their votes and about 100 waited to see their votes counted and recorded. I was happy that a lot of the populace have realised that their choice can count and make a difference.

I went home earlier than the previous elections and followed the social media for results of football games being played in Europe. I rushed to catch the Burnley vs Arsenal game but was disappointed that there was no power. I opted to have a round of bench-tennis with my brother using awkward bats before taking a long walk exchanged for having a hair cut.

I returned home tired but jumped unto twitter to follow the results. Jimi Agbaje won a couple of LGs but Ambode got the most votes and thus declared winner in Lagos with about 800,000 votes.

Agbaje got over 650,000 votes and i am waiting to see how many igbos amongst them that will die in the lagoon within 7 days.

APC swept the North, and the South West but the South South and South East regions had no love for APC. APC may continue to be a foreign party in these regions for reasons best known to the political gurus. The turnout was generally low especially looking at Kano state. I hear election is like party in the North.

Gombe and Taraba defied the APC odds with later almost producing the 1st elected female governor of Nigeria. Madam Virgy Etiaba will be smiling.

So the political season seems to be over but the transition have just began. A lot of party defectors, a couple of ministries doing some cleaning, a list of looters and a minister seeking asylum in foreign lands.

As May 29 draws closer, we look forward to a Nigeria after GEJ. Hopefully GMB provides the change he has been shouting like the bus conductors in Ojuelegba else in 4 years time, he will be changed.

For now, i am closely watching Rochas and his mandate in Imo. I am interested. Even in Abia. The people’s choice must prevail.


By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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