Diary of An Eligible Voter part7 – Oh Oba of Lagos.

From Part 6
Today is the 11th day of the 4th month of 2015. It is the Gubernatorial Election day in 29 states of Nigeria. With about 760 governors contesting for 27 seats, the competition looks tough but indeed is mostly between 2 or 3 parties per state.

I am currently seated on a half buried tyre as i type this post but you could hear “Oba” left, right and center. This is Lagos, and if you have listened to the news in recent time then you must have heard of Oba Akiolu of Lagos.


Few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a long speech on whatsapp. This was what she sent:
Guber poll: Oba of Lagos reads riot act to Igbo
on Apr 6, 2015

Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, on Sunday read the riot act to Igbo leaders and monarchs in Lagos State, warning that he would make life miserable for them if they sabotaged efforts to ensure that the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, is elected as governor of the state.

The visibly enraged monarch, who summoned all the Eze-Ndigbo in Lagos State to his palace, said the support of their kinsmen for the opposition party in the state could frustrate current efforts in all quarters at ensuring Lagos is no longer in opposition with the Federal Government.

He said: “On Saturday, if any one of you goes against Ambode, who I have picked, that is your end. If it doesn’t happen within seven days, just know that I am a bastard and it’s not my father who gave birth to me.

“By the grace of God, I am the owner of Lagos for the time being. This is an undivided chair. The palace belongs to the dead and those coming in the future. On Saturday, if anyone of you, I swear in the name of God, goes against my wish that Ambode become the next governor of Lagos State, the person is going to die inside this water.

“For the Igbo and others in Lagos, they should go where the Oba of Lagos heads to. When they were coming to the state, they didn’t come with all their houses. But now they have properties in the state. So, they must do my bidding. And that is the bidding of the ancestors of Lagos and God.

“I am not ready to beg you. Nobody knew how I picked Ambode. Jimi is my blood relation and I told him that he can never be governor in Lagos for now. The future belongs to God. I am not begging anybody, but what you people cannot do in Onitsha, Aba or anywhere, you cannot do it here.

“If you do what I want, Lagos will continue to be prosperous for you.

Hmm. I didn’t want to believe what was sent to me but i forwarded same to a couple of my friends who are much more reasonable. We were undecided as to the epistemology of the speech.

The social media were awashed with this text but more disheartening and revelling is our some anti-PDP warlords and keyboard-happy sycophants brandished this as a ploy by PDP to get sympathy votes from Lagosians. Don’t ask me who they are, check twitter.

They, the anti-PDP and the tribalist bigots, seemed vindicated when it was announced by someone from the Oba’s Palace that he never threatened the igbos.

Alas, the audio of the speech came out and we saw the fools. The video even went viral to the shame of the initial Oba defenders. How Nigerians have been cultured to be gullible?

Over the week, various APC representatives have come out to lightly dissociate the Oba from APC but a couple have gone on to say the reaction from the igbos is over the top. Hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, i have made up my choice long before i knew the Oba’s name. His speech has not affected my choicr but it has woken alot of sleeping dogs that were undecided as to who to vote.

I have pondered and wondered, playing through my past and heading towards a conclusion that the Oba said some people’s mind especially seeing that he was applauded after his speech.

Unfortunately, they say Obas don’t apologise. Shame that the authorities have not done something towards him for such speech that can incite hatred and disunity.

For now, the igbos have invaded the lagoon. Some are breathing under the water. Others that can’t swim have purchased their life vests. The more daring ones are currently selling water and fishes to the mermaids. The foolish ones are endorsing the Oba’s speech. If only i am currently in Imo state. The Eastern Heartland needs change.

I am currently waiting to be accredited and my battery has been blinking. I will continue after accreditation.

Vote wisely. #Nigeriadecides #LagosDecides.


AmosCP (@AmosCP)
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