Dairy of An Eligible Voter part6: GEJ Concedes

From part 5
Before Jega could finish collating the results from the 36 states and FCT, news flew in that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had called M. Buhari congratulating him for his victory. I have to use “M” because i am yet to be sure if it is “Muhammadu” or “Mohammed” or any of the variant. Forgive my spelling. I will get it right by May 29.


The gesture by GEJ was noble to many and had some mop the wet stuff from the corner of their eyes. Others downplayed the gesture still labelling the president as seeming ignoble. A tweetering former minister was spearheading the not-hero campaign as if she had a vendetta against GEJ. If only the girls are back.

I had wished and prayed for peace and GEJ’s response to Nigerians vote had played a good part in achieving such peace. He will not contest in court nor threaten to make the country ungovernable for the winner unlike the loser in 2011. The not-hero campaigners will not say anything about this. He is talking of transition.

16 years he has been caged in government and behold he will be set free on May 29, 2015. He will continue to be political figure and maybe chair the PDP board of trustees. Whether he goes back to fishing Otueke like OBJ is “farming” in Ota, it is his choice. It is none of my business. *sips lipton tea*

So the week seemed accelerated and a certain Friday was declared public holiday. Wednesday and Thursday ran by with the political atmosphere at a plateau waiting for the state elections.

If you can’t commend GEJ for his reaction to the election then your hatred has been stamped in your heart by the Devil’s fork. Get on with it. He never obstructed Jega unlike others. GEJ is free and happy.

“I have been in a cage since 1999. I have been in the hands of government. Now I am free. It’s enough and I am happy.” ~GEJ

Long Live Nigeria.


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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