Dairy of An Eligible Voter part5 – Jegaquine and Orubebe

From Part 4
My alarm rythm on my Nokia torchlight phone broke my sweet morning cruise in the Republic of Sleepland. I had snoozed the alarm only for another unusual tone woke me up partially.

Alarms have helped me a lot in recent time so as to be awake by 5am even if i usually end up jumping off the bed by 5.50am. But the unusual tone was an sms from a familiar account. I can’t remember the content of the sms but it ended with “stay at home” which promoted me to switch off the alarm to continue my morning cruise.

I was having a lovely dream, when my flat mate banged on my door. “Wetin happen” i bellowed as i opened the door. “Come see” he responded heading to the sitting room. I joined him and lo and behold i saw drama on the LG television with “live” at the top right hand corner.

Elder Orubebe sat on the floor, holding a mic, backing Prof Jega. He was saying “no” ” Jega, you cannot continue” …. I was confused until the story was narrated to me. The session for the day have just began and it seems PDP have seen that they are heading for defeat and Orubebe had to give CNN a reason to break one of their programme to air his display live to the world.

CNN and other foreign media love to air the ugly part of Nigeria. Good news in Nigeria is no news to them. I even heard that s couple of them came in with bullet proofs and gas mask only to be disappointed and charged for excess luggage while flying out of the country.

Few days after the presidential election, over 147 students – mostly Christians were killed in Kenya but CNN decided to move Kenya to Nigeria. The other time, they said Niger was Nigeria. Can we continue like this?


Back to Orubebe. He continued his legendary solo premier in the INEC cinemas and Jega just acted like he was like the jebusites disappearing from the face of the earth. Jega took his jegaquine and allowed the movie to unfold until the lights in Orubebe went out as he sheepishly stood up. If you never knew Orubebe, now you know him. His Wikipedia profile can help you.

Nigerians took to social media and i had a good laugh seeing many derivatives of the Orubebe live show. But i felt bad when a couple of tweeps made his daughter to delete her twitter account. Poor babe. Her father had let her down.

So the results came flying in from all parts of Nigeria with the votes divided across tribal lines. The South East and South South voted for Jonathan, the North for Buhari and the South West for Osibanjo, Buhari’s vice.

One prof added some humour to the serious event. He collated for Rivers state but needed the flood lights from Stamford Bridge to aid his reading. The lights didn’t help. Jega had to send a machinery to help.

Finally the results were collated and it indicated that the opposition will be the ruling party come May 30. Buhari have finally won the presidential election after trying for the umpteenth time. Hopefully Arsenal will win the Champions league too.

The news was met with mixed feelings. Some questioned the votes in the North where it is assumex that under-aged and animals voted. Others questioned results from Rivers and Enugu. But Lagos seemed real with the votes almost equally divided.

A new regime is to start soonest. Madam Peace and his beloved Jona will start packing their luggage to Otueke.

But there is one more fight: Gubernatorial Elections.

By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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