Nigeria Decides 2015: Dairy of An Eligible Voter part4 – Jega time

From Part3
Monday morning after the election was different. You could notice that a lot of road users were indoors or were not around. There was no traffic to and fro on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. There was uncertainty in the air. A large percentage of expatriate had flown out of the country a day before the election with fear with only a few bold ones around.

Business kicked off with stories from various polling units. I narrated mine to whoever cared. My supervisor was too timid to admit he voted for the opposition party. He kept his face like a beaten pulp conceding defeat to the ruling party who he believed have rigged the election.

Then came Jega, the INEC chairman. The results were to be collated in Abuja starting from 12noon. The information got my MD who sent everyone home to watch the live broadcast and more importantly for security purpose. Everyone left the office like they never wanted to come to work on monday. I believe everyone hates Monday.


Various collating officers took to the podium, calling out from their hand written spreadsheets. There were two major political party: PDP and APC. Others made up the numbers: AA – the blood group party, KOWA – the JAMB party – did they get more than 400 in any state?

All of the collating officers were Vice Chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors of higher institutions but some performed below par in reading out the results. Yet to expect miracle from their students in a 2hr exam.

Jega took breaks at various points either because some results were not ready or for his pleasure. He is the boss. He had the fat yam and the sharp knife. He was calling the shots.

Jega’s 10mins break turned out to be an hour. I played about 6 PES2015 matches on my PS4 before he returned from his recess. Another 30mins was declared by his lordship but the 30mins was enough to for a young mechanic apprentice to perfect his trade. Thus the birth of “Jega Time”.

Finally, he called it a day after a couple of states have collated their results with PDP leading by a little margin. The next day will be key to Nigeria’s next 4 years.

I switched the LG TV to HDMI port2 where i had paused a game. Zlatan scored a hattrick as PSG thrashed Arsenal 5-0. It is just a game.

Tomorrow was to be Tuesday, can we just stay at home? This should be a turning point and noone wants to miss it. I hoped for a miracle to sleep a little longer than usual. Was it to be?


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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