Nigeria Decides 2015: Dairy of An Eligible Voter part3

From part 2
I went for Sunday Recovery service with eggs on my shoulders with the feeling that i had exercised my civil right by participating in the previous day’s presidential election.

I was all smiles and told anyone who cared to hear how we voted in my PU. I was over the moon describing how mothers, fathers, and youths waited behind after the votes were casted to make sure the votes were counted and recorded properly. The aggressive calmness as the votes were counted in the middle of the sand field in front of one of the classrooms still looks like an hour ago.

I was quite disappointed with some persons who always have something to complain about the country but yet were unable to cast their votes for reasons that includes:
1. I didn’t register
2. I was unable to collect my PVC
3. I registered in Borno and i am in Lagos.
4. My vote will not count. Etc.

Some of the above reasons are very much understandable but the idea of “my vote will not count” can be described as “what nonsense”. How will your vote be considered for counting when it was not casted?

The sermon was great but the pastor surely had to chip in the event of the previous day. The election was peaceful and for that we thanked God. Will the peace reign till when the votes will be collated and winner declared? That we prayed for.

I was very vexed with a sister who was trying to confirm that I voted only for me to realise that her PU is in Fayose’s Rice State of Ekiti and this is Lagos. If you couldn’t cast your vote, sit back and enjoy the effect of the casted votes.

After the pleasantries of after service meetings, i joined a petroleum engineer friend of mine as i left to Ikoyi to ponder for another week of providing solutions to my client.


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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