Nigeria Decides 2015: Dairy of An Eligible Voter part2

From part 1
While l tossed and turn in my sleep due to the power outage, my phone rang with an unregistered number displayed on my screen. I had left my PU to catch a nap.

They have started accreditation” came the voice from the phone. “They have called your name” followed and i knew it was one of my friends in the same PU. I had swapped to a cheap phone to help manage my pockets in this trying times.

I took another short nap but woke like a man on fire to prepare to head to the PU. I got to the PU just as the INEC officials were rounding up the accreditations. My left thumb was marked as a sign of accreditation since the card reader decided to reset to factory settings of the producer. I was the last to be accredited to the relief of my brother.

The turn out was impressive in my PU with over 80% present to cast their votes. The people grew uneasy as they were told they would not be able to vote. The INEC officials tried their best to explain but the people were having none of it. They had suffered to get registered especially seeing that they had to re-register because of a certain virus on the database.

I took to twitter to make complains to INEC but i got no response. I tried the published phone numbers but i was told by my network provider that the number doesn’t exist. It was a 12 digit phone number unlike the regular 11 digit GSM numbers. I finally sent an email of which i believe went to the spam box of the INEC mailbox.

There was a minor issue when a policeman seized a man’s camera phone because he was filming. Pleas to the policeman for the phone to be released fell on deaf ears. The medium stomach-ed policeman went on to call his bosses on patrol but they arrived and disappointed the policeman.

Film as much as you like” his boss said. “We even like it that way so that we are sure it is free and fair” he continued. “Just make sure you behave self so that we finish this exercise and go home“. That was a knockout to the medium stomach-ed policeman. He sheepishly gave back the phone and others became bold to film anything including the movement of some lizards in the primary school. I wonder if they were accredited too.

It was 4pm and i had started living the PU because the chances of voting was getting slimmer as the night approaches. I turned back like Lot’s wife to have one last look but was happy to see that a queue was being formed at lightning speed. I walked back and realised that they have the go-ahead to allow the voting without the card reader. The queue was rendered useless, when the INEC officials decided to use the initial list.

After about a time it took Bendtner to score his latest hattrick from kick off, i casted my vote and waited around to see the final outcome. Over 50% of the voters waited to see the final outcome.

Voting ended at about 6.30pm and the sun had started to take its nap with the darkness gathering more pace than Louis Hamilton’s Mercedes. We gathered at the center of the school, in the open field and counting began.

The counting came to an end at about 8.30pm with the voters satisfied with the outcome and conduct of the election in the PU. Their singular votes may be likened to a drop compared to the Atlantic ocean but the satisfaction written on their faces were priceless.

I left the PU with my phone dead but happy to see through the voting process in my PU.

The outcome of the elections on saturday will depend on so many PUs but whosoever that has been voted in, be it the president, Senator or member of the house of representatives, will surely see that the populace requires alot from them. 2019 is not far.

I got home tired, ate my dinner and had a good long sleep in anticipation of Sunday Recovery Service.


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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