Nigeria Decides 2015: Dairy of An Eligible Voter

A day before the presidential election, i departed to the area in Lagos where i registered and collected my permanent voters card (PVC). The road was surprisingly full of motorists fleeing early from their white collar or collar-less jobs to arrive at their abode. It was just 1pm but the atmosphere looked like 5pm and filled with surprised tension.

I headed home to vigil on that Friday night but i was informed on arrival that the vigil was cancelled. The media filled the immediate surroundings with election jingles of APC and PDP. I took solace in the presence of my full family save my lovely sister in the ancient kingdom of Benin. Some tweets, some facebook posts started my evening which was rounded up with a good time with my Neice and mum.

Sleep came in late but the next day was crucial to the next 4 years of Nigeria. How will i play a part? I am entitled to one vote and nothing more.

My lazy bones left the comfort of the mattress at about 8.00am. I jumped into my Levi jeans, grabbed a faded T-shirt, an ID-card for identification incase of unrest and uncertainties. I slipped into a pair of weird looking slippers and headed to my Polling Unit (PU) about 1km away.

My estate was lively with all kiosks opened and over a dozen young men burning out accumulated fat and excessive energy as they battled in the legendary monkey post 4-a-side football challenge popular in the streets of Lagos.

I walked past the young men and got to the primary school housing my PU. About 20 eligible voters of mixed ethnicity sat under a tree in front of the school waiting for the INEC officials. It was 9:40am and i was surprised to know that many voters had gone home pending the arrival of Jega’s men. I inscribed my name on a certain list on which i noticed over 70 people had arrived before me.


The sun was smiling scorching-ly and an umbrella would have been appreciated but holding an umbrella at this time of the election period is risky, especially if it has red and green colours on it.

Irrespective of the celestial assignment of the sun, i walked to the ever busy Lagos Badagry Expressway and it was busy indeed. The sun was busy enjoying the reflection from the tarred road with minimal human movement and a newspaper stand with about 5 persons. A police van with the men in black went past me twice me but i ignored them.


Lagos Badagry Expressway

I felt disappointed that the INEC officials were not around and morestill accreditation will start late. I rushed home, had a meal of pap and akara before having a shower.

The twitter-o-sphere was my next stop as i followed the elections and how it was faring in other PUs, LGAs and states. The gods of my battery gave their final warning of shutting down my phone and i bought a ticket to the Republic of Sleep.

To be continued


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By Chibuzor Amos (@AmosCP)
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