The Political Algorithm of Nigeria 2015

The long awaited 2015 is here and we are getting closer to the peak of the political period of Nigeria’s 2015. By May 2015, there will be swearing-ins around the federation from Alausa to Aso Rock. A new tenure will begin but the algorithm has started and the hottest day to expect is the 14th day of the 2nd month of the year.

The 14th day of February has always been a day that babes feel obliged to receive gifts from their friends. To some of us, it is just another day with a sun rise and a sun set. To the Nigerian atmosphere, 2015’s Feb 14 is going to be a determinant to the direction Nigeria intends to take for the next 4 years.

The political atmosphere is getting heated up with jungle politics and so many gimmicks and propaganda. The politicians have resorted to campaign against each other instead of campaigning for Nigeria. They have continuously emphasied on the negatives of the other instead of giving us manifestos that can tell the populace what they have in mind. They have resorted in calling names and making every other person look worse.

Nigerians voted Jonathan in 2011 but many have been disappointed with his government. Six years and it seems he has nothing to show for it. He does have but just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, his achievement would only be seen by those that want to look for it. The populace is yearning for a change, any kind of change, change from within or without.

Buhari seems to be the only option available to the those that will vote on Feb 14. A look back at Buhari’s past makes many wonder if he is the change we all clamour for. At 72, the Former military head of state continues to make himself available to be voted for.  His running mates have been pastors and he had lost all the time he contested. Will 2015 be different? Osibanjo, his running mate may sway his RCCG disciples but some may ponder how he will continue to be a pastor especially after taking a swipe on the presidency in a rather un-pastor-ly manner. Will Zahra win more votes for her father?

On the presidential level, Nigerians are presented with two not-good choices. They wish they can have a better choice than Jonathan and Buhari. As the saying goes, ” of two evils, choose the lesser”

If you must be able to choose your preferred candidate, you must have gotten your permanent voters card. No PVC, No choice. INEC may deny many people of their rights to make their choice because they have failed in providing and/or distributing the PVCs. Twice I had to register for the voters card and it was reported that virus attacked the database in my polling units. Story for the gods. I only have the Temporary voters card and i am yet to get a PVC with the major elections less than a month away.

For those of you with the PVC, don’t just put your eyes on the presidential elections. The government starts from your ward, through your local government, constituency, state before the federal elections. Vote the right person, not just a party. You can have a good leadership in that small ward where you live if you vote right. Hopefully, your vote will count. If you don’t vote, there will be no hope of having your vote counted.


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