The Testimony of A Lady Saved From Cabman Attack.

One week after my birthday, i was ready for my National service, bustling with life, aiming for the adventures i have heard from friends about the Camp. Posted to the southern part of the country was a relief following the recent declaration of an islamic state by the popular insurgents in the North Eastern part of my beloved country. I had wanted to be posted in the Oil City close to where i just finished my internship but as fate may have it i was posted to a Midwestern ancient kingdom.

After applying the right amount of make-up to qualify my “Agbani” status, i got a cab to transport my luggage to a temporary apartment before i head out of town. The fair slim cab man refused to help as i loaded his vehicle with my luggage.  With a police sticker stamped on the front and rear windscreen, i felt relaxed as we drove off.

The cabman deviated off the normal route claiming there was traffic ahead. He drove into a lonely deserted road and brought out a knife, vigorously caressing my neck with it. He ordered me to get down else he would kill me. We wrestled with the knife until i miraculously unarmed him. I am yet to ascertain where i got that strength from. I am known to be weak and prone to fear.

I jumped down from the cab with handbag. The cabman had collected my phone but was determined to get the handbag or maybe my life. He hit me with his car and i started to run. My life was in my legs as i prayed it would carry me to safety. My bag contained my tab (my first gift received for the year), my end of internship contributions and my purse.

I shouted “thief! Thief!!” as i noticed a man walking towards us. The man directed to a bush which i headed. The cabman chased after me. I threw the knife far away but he caught me and aimed at unzipping my jean trousers. My elbow hit him subconsciously to prevent his hands finishing his unzipping task.

As God may have it, the man on the road caught up with us and freed me from the cabman. As more persons gathered, the cabman started claiming i am his wife to my surprise. He said my name was Tela but my ID said otherwise. My ID saved me and roped the cabman into a big mess. The crowd started to beat him and would have roasted him to the gods if not for the arrival of the police.

The cabman still claimed i was his other half and even went ahead to swear saying that God will punish me for my acts. He was given the beating of his life and detained in the police cell after his car had been impounded by the police. While searching the car, numerous ATM cards, ID cards, bibles, purses, and wallets were found.

In as much as i couldn’t make my trip to the camp, i give thanks to God for saving my life and retaining my property. The cabman may have taken my luggage and zoomed off but his quest for more made him lose all. I sustained minor bruises but that have taken care of.

Hold God firm in this yelutide season. Many are desperately trying to get rich and attain wealth illegally, dubiously and forcefully. 3 days before this incident, we prayed about such misfortunes and i was saved.

Life is more than science and only God knows the heart of man. Seek God’s face and advice before making that leap. Allow Jesus to govern your life and he will keep you. Don’t forget to be security conscious. Go around with your ID card. Verify all things. Let His spirit lead you.

Thank you. God bless you.

True life story


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