Halima – The Death of A Dream 13

Continued from Halima 11 & 12

If we are ever going to combat terrorism, it wouldn’t be just by confronting the terrorists in open battles, we would do more if we tear down the system that creates these kinds of boys. The system that makes promising boys into nobodies making them an easy prey to those who would like to use them for their own personal vendetta. Because in the last analysis, these terrorists were once common ordinary street urchins with no sense of self and no hope in any kind of future. They were born to survive like animals in the wild. Born to fend for themselves. Born to live off the streets. I mean they were born disempowered. And the streets gave them only one rule: SURVIVE OR DIE!  So if anyone comes and gives them any kind of meaning, he becomes their lord. Terrorists aren’t born that way, they are made that way. The war against terrorism will be won if we tear than the system that breeds terrorists.

I think I’m going crazy. Seriously, this could only mean madness. Am I making a case for my captors? Am I trying to make up an excuse for them? This is madness! I think I’m losing my mind! Maybe it’s a good thing. If insanity precedes whatever horror awaiting me, then maybe I wouldn’t feel anything. Or better still, maybe the insanity will propel them to put me out of my misery fast and I’ll die with some kind of dignity. But then, what’s dignity to the dead?  . . . What am I saying? . . . I’m losing my mind!

“Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the attack seems consistent with the work of the Bokoharam sect” as the reporter droned on, my assailants kept shouting and hooting some even touched us roughly as if to validate their price.

So BBC knows, I mean the world knows!

To be continued in Halima 14

The Halima Series is written by a good friend Chukwuemeka Ezeogu


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