The Awesome Responsibility of Chosing Our Own Future – By Pastor W F Kumuyi


I cannot remember exactly how I came by the message below in 2010. Either, it was shared in our church or picked up from the church premises. Unfortunately, the copy I had was not in its original pristine state, so I asked my boy to recopy the contents of the leaflet into a Word document. This was done as faithfully as possible. Unfortunately, I again misplaced (“mis-filed” is more proper), the e-copy. I searched and searched the house for the original copy. Sorry for me, it has disappeared into thin air. I search the web for this article over and over, all to no avail.

Yesterday, prior to backing up my computer files, I just “stumbled” across this Word file in the portable hard disk drive I was using for the backup. Happily enough, this is the file I’ve been looking for since 2010. I felt this should be preserved for posterity. I…

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