Does It Get Better? What Shall We Do?

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth…..

In recent times the World’s attention has been shifted from one catastrophic incident to another. The stories gets worse by the day with events getting more intense and incomprehensible. The news is awash with negative news every time you switch on your television, tune your radio and scroll through your twitter time line.

From the missing Chibok girls in North Eastern Nigeria, nothing positive has been brought to the public. With various theory and assumptions, the over 200 girls are yet to be found in the Sambisa forest held captive, if not married, to the Boko Haram terrorist. Nigeria folded their hands and the BH monster wearing religious mask tore down the nation, creating fear and panic, killing innocent citizens and bombing left, right and center.

Goodluck Jonathan has promised heaven and earth but nothing yet. Girls at their prime have left home for over 3 months and they are yet to be found. The military has shown Nigerians the other side. Many will question their discipline but who knows the true story, following BRT buses being burnt in Lagos by some soldiers some weeks ago

Nothing gets better with news of suicide bombers in Kano and environs. The suicide bombers in recent time have been females and beggars, The blast in Lagos was by a lady and Boko Haram did claim responsibility.

On the World scale, the Chibok girls governed the airspace from CNN to BBC with the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag. But with time, the world shifted focus to other matters after rumours of the US trying to aid the escape of the girls. Did the US help? You can ask Obama and GEJ.

The Malaysian flight had gone into oblivion  and no technology has been able to tell what happened to that flight. Malaysia lost another aircraft, no thanks to the griefs in Ukraine fueled by pro-Russia. The plane was just shot down like a bird in the sky. More sorrows.

The bad news continued with other airplane accidents, Israel vs Gaza bombings, ISIS and now Ebola. Will all this end? I doubt. As far as man is insatiable, Chaos will continue. Ebola is now reigning in the coast of West Africa and the gullible ones have even died out of ignorance and not due to the virus.

Peter was asked that in Acts 2:37 …Men and brethren, what shall we do?

“Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remissions of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” …Peter responded.

The end draws nearer daily and only those in the refuge of the Lord will be saved. Why not draw nearer to God than to fallacies of life and vanities of this world. All will pass away but your soul will surely live eternally either in joy or grieve.

Be ready, no man knoweth when he cometh. You don’t know what disaster is next. Just keep your life in his hands and Ebola or any these issues of this world would give you sleepless night.

Don’t suffer like the biblical Isrealites because of ignorance. Seek knowledge and flee ignorance. don’t be gullible to rumours and false information. prove all things.

The End is near….



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