Halima – The Death of a Dream 4

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The human mind is built to respond to terror in so many unimaginable ways. Some shut down completely in the face of terror, their mind just regresses back to TABULAR RASA, others go loco as the sheer force of it all causes some neural connections to come apart, and yet, some break down as the enornimity of their fate bears on them, they lose their will and the terror seeps into their soul disarming them, denying them of the rage needed to fight back, the rage required to survive in the face of an inhuman madness. The later was my lot as I heard those words escape the mouth of this human beast in front of me.

In that moment, an old quote came to me like an evil spell confirming my fate . . . “The death of a will is far more traumatic than the death of the body” . . . where did I get that from?  Uhmmm. I remember, that quote is from one of the many books I’ve been trying to get into over the years. Isn’t it funny how you would wax intelligent when intelligence is the very last thing you ever needed?

The echo of his words was still playing in my head like a broken record “kao mu wanna!” Bring this girl!  Those words broke me in place no sledge hammer would ever have been able to cause a dent.

As though heeding the command of a sultan two young brutes rushed forward and seized me in both arms locking me in their vice like grips. At this time the number of assailants in our dorm had grown to over 15 armed and extremely excited men. As they half dragged and half pulled me toward the door, he turned around and issued a stern warning to his cohorts “Wanna yarinyan na wane!”, That girl is mine!

Halima – The Death of a Dream 5& 6
The Halima Series is written by a good friend Chukwuemeka Ezeogu


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