Halima – The Death of A Dream

Dear Friends, I promised to feature Halima on this blog. With over 15 epistle and counting, I hope you like what you read.


The rousing began from my subconscious. My last lucid memories were those of an engulfing drowsiness, now that I think of it, I remember laying down the notebook I had been trying to cram things from, I also remember clearing a patch on my book clustered bed, and then my memories dissolved as I surrendered to a dreamless sleep.

Then the buzz began like a finger poking my consciousness, calling me out of that almost opiate state of sleep into something I was never going to be prepared for.

In that surreal confluence of sleep and consciousness I thought my mind was replaying some horror I’ve heard of in recent times – horrors that are almost becoming our new norm. But it never occurred to me that before that day dawns my own horror would begin.

My name is Halima  . . . they took me

Halima – The Death of a Dream 2

The Halima Series is written by a good friend Chukwuemeka Ezeogu.


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