Keep Trying

In the journey of life there is no waiting, no parking and no loitering. You just keep moving on. Are you tired of making further attempts because of your past attempts have ended in failure? Don’t give up yet because the next attempt could give you the miracle. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb succeeded after 999 failed attempts. He saw his failures as a journey and not a destination.

Keep Trying

Don’t Give Up!!

Friend, you don’t quit business or academics or politics or ministry or marriage etc. because of the failures you are experiencing now. Keep trying other methods until you succeed. Abraham Lincoln, one of the best Presidents America ever had, became president after several failed attempts in his political carrier.

Jesus Christ in trying to counsel people never to give up on any issue until they succeed, gave the testimony of a certain widow in a town who wouldn’t take no for an answer from the judge who was in charge of her case in the law court.

Even though the judge neither feared God nor man, her persistence to get justice from him gave her victory. I like to announce to you that you are closer to your miracles today than yesterday. Don’t give up. Keep Trying. You will succeed.

Bible references: Luke 18:1-8, Romans 13:11.



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