5 Things Before You Leave School

Finishing from the higher institution is like leaving a miniature world to a bigger one with bigger opportunities. There is usually immense joy to have been freed from the boredom of some lectures, the weird practicals, the bossy supervisors, the early morning lectures, the school life in general.

Nevertheless, the University, Polytechnic or College of Education is like a breeding ground for all sort of things; from character to wealth, from skills to friends and many more.

Below are my top 5 things you must have gotten or achieved as of your last day as an undergraduate:

Computer Literacy
They call this age the computer age, some others call it the jet age. A graduate that is deficient with the use of a computer is not ready to face the challenges of the World. It is even a pre-requiste for some universities. Create out time to learn the basics especially the Microsoft Packages (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Be comfortable with navigating the folders or desktop of a computer. Stop Jittering and hold that mouse with authority.
Don’t be deceived, you might be a phone chat guru and yet the wide screen of a laptop gives you confusion.

Get A Personnel Computer: This might seem expensive for some of us with less pay but the prices of laptops have been dwindling down as the years go buy. 50,000 Naira can be saved in less than 4 years from your pocket money to achieve this. This will help you achieve Computer literacy as practise makes perfect. A 2GB Ram PC and 250 GB hard disk space will do. it mustn’t be HP or Dell, there are many other brands that are on par. This will enhance your computer literacy level. NB: Minimize playing PES et al on it.

Get, Learn, Perfect a Skill
It is no longer news that there are not enough jobs in the country for the amount of graduates that are being churned out by the higher institutions in Nigeria. Getting into the school itself was war. So in a situation, the job isn’t coming as expected, your acquired, perfected skill could put food on your table and even channel you to owning your own firm and being the boss.
At School, you will try your skill. you may fail but you must learn from the failure. It is comfortable to fail in School but that will be costly outside the walls of the Institution. Your Skills from yesteryears would help you climb hills of the feature. So perfect that skill. It may be Photography, hair dressing, drawing, fashion designer, painting, MC and many more.

Head a unit.
Heading a unit brings responsibility. This responsibility teaches alot. You mustn’t be the SUG president for you consider yourself as a leader. There are various facet of leadership within the 4 walls of the higher institution, some of which are by election, others by appointment. You can be the Class Rep, Treasurer, Departmental PRO, Hostel Secretary, Church Leader, Club President etc. Just make sure that within the period you spent in school you headed a unit, whether big or small.

Get an Identity Card.
Your student ID Card expires as soon as you finish your last paper and maybe project. SO what can the society use to identify you? Your student ID had saved you in many situations and may have aided you in achieving some things. But it is time to be in charge.
Make sure you get one of the following IDs: National Identity Card, National Driver’s License, International Passport.

Draw Nearer to God.

The higher institution is time when you have ample time for yourself. It is a period where you can shut out from the rest of the world and take a good look at where you are and where are heading to and what you need to achieve. The importance of God in our lives cannot be over emphasized. The higher education period is a time to seek God and draw closer to him. A cordial relationship with him would oil your way to his will being achieved in your life.

He is the way, He is the truth and He is the life. Without him, you are nothing. All is vanity, except in him. Let him be your best friend before you graduate. Love him more than that babe or that guy. This is very important.

There are many more things that you need to have done: Learn to drive, have a real internship, do business at school, touch lifes, get true friends and more importantly draw more nearer to God.


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