2014: New Year, New Change?

Happy *coughs* new *coughs coughs* Year *sneeze*

It has been ages since a post on this blog was published and it was never on purpose but as a result of circumstances beyond my control. i have been away on the edge of the Niger Delta and 2013 crept by ushering in 2014.

So behold 2014, a new year. What is new about it? Change? It is a general belief that the New year should be accompanied with a change. A change in doing things, change of clothings, belief, team, perspective, orientation, places visited, action item etc.

The goals of 2013 may not have been achieved but it must be reviewed and the result gotten from the objective review should be used in propelling a positive change in 2014. A plan must be created in other for a change to be effected.

A colleage of mine sent this to me on BBM and it is worth sharing:

Nothing drives me more insane to hear  someone talk about change/changing  and yet continues to live the same life style, go to the same place(s), do the same things, and holds on to the same school of thought.
If in fact we are to change, friendships must have to be subjected to constant repair while  new acquaintances are made. There will have to be a paradigm shift, especially in our thought process. Something if not all of our being will have to give – it is called sacrifice!
Keeping the same company because you believe they are ” True, Real, and or keep it 100%” means you are not ready to grow up. There is no reason to be someone else, you are unique.. Say NO to the “wanna Be” syndrome.
Happiness like all other emotional feeling are choice based, choose wisely!
God has created you for a reason, seek His face and fulfil your destiny.
Stop trying to Change and Change..

Even change is not constant, change varies. I pray that you make God happier this 2014.


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