Security Tips For The Festive Period

The Christmas and New Year periods are two important seasons of the year with festivities that trigger various forms of security challenges not only in Nigeria but some other parts of the globe. These security challenges include armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, petty theft, all forms financial fraud/crime and other urban related crimes.

The following precautionary measures therefore need to be taken note of as they will help one in averting or dealing with some of the above mentioned security challenges.

  • Avoid carrying large volume of cash
  • Do not discuss your finances with strangers, including close family members
  • Always delete from your mobile phone ‘Alert’ messages about your financial transaction/account balance from your bank
  • Do not send your domestic staff /driver on a financial errand involving huge sums of money (as this may trigger some ideas in his/her head)
  • While travelling by air, do not keep money or any other valuable that can easily be removed in your check-in luggage.
  • Ensure that your carry-on bag is always within your view
  • If you are travelling by road, avoid travelling at night
  • Always travel in the company of  others and also avoid lonely roads
  • As much as possible, avoid large gatherings
  • While in traffic, ensure that your car window glasses are wound up and doors locked.
  • Be observant while driving as this will enable you to detect when you are being trailed.
  • If you are convinced you are being trailed, drive into the nearest police station or any public place
  • Always be at alert on what is happening around your environment
  • Educate your household including your kids on the importance of not opening your door/gate  to a stranger under any guise
  • Do not keep the keys to your entrance or exit doors in a place  that is easily accessible to everybody
  • Using padlocks  to lock exit and entrance doors should as much as possible be avoided
  • If you are using power generating set at night, do not rush out  if the set suddenly goes off.(It could be bait to drag you out of your secured zone) 
  • Ensure that your perimeter lights are all functioning.
  •  Discourage night visitors.
  • Avoid getting used to a particular routine with regards to leaving and coming back to the house.
  • Conduct a thorough background check on any domestic staff you intend to engage.
  • Keep a low profile. (Always remember that “a standing nail is inviting a hammer”)
  • Always have a small cash readily available both at home and while on transit
  • In the event of armed robbery attack, do not try to play a ‘hero’
  • Obey all instructions and do not try to identify the criminal
  • Finally and most importantly, BE IN CHRIST.


Police Control Room Emergency Numbers

  • Lagos———— 767, 08060357795, 08065154338

Lagos State Anti-Bomb Unit….08033041044, 017903016.

Happy Festive Season.


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