When you come crashing like the Nokia 110 Phone

Solving Problems, with fun

I have a Nokia phone – model 110, and like other 110 models, when you take off the battery (and the SIM card), after some time, it loses power to the clock, meaning if you recouple the phone, you will need to set the time again. Now for someone that has no other time piece, it really gets frustrating to have to set the time when I have no wristwatch to use as reference. Yes, really annoying.
It so happened this morning what while I was walking home, I threw the phone up expecting to catch it (a bad habit of mine), unfortunately I couldn’t catch it well enough, and the phone came crashing on the floor, to different pieces. Quickly picking up, I hurriedly coupled it back together, silently praying that the time does not reset to zero since I had no reference time to set it with.

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