Random Thoughts: Mind The Way You Respond

Sitting on the top a batch mixer, blending a fluid loss additive, my mind drifted over the event that had happen some hours ago:

I had met a colleague reminding her of an assignment that we were to carry out together. Her response to my reminder was alarmingly annoying, demeaning me to being lesser and making me look like I am disturbing her. We had failed in recent weeks to achieve this task and I wasn’t interested in failing this week.

It had bothered me all through the week prior to meeting her and I just wanted a scenario for us to reason together. Her response dampened my morale and urged me to be the lone ranger in accompanying the task.

I had recalled that most of my colleagues, though of lower positions in the office, had complained about her attitude towards them. I had notice such but had swept it under the carpet seeing it as nothing. They had complained of being looked down on and her bluffs are annoyingly skyrocketing.

What is wrong with this babe? Am I blocking her progress? Why is she thus? Is she earning more than me? Does she have 3 heads? Or what…? i havent donr specific thing to her that could be classified as wrong.

“Hey!! Turnoff the pump” I woke up from my thoughts-land and resumed reality.

Well, in order not to be on the losing side this week, I carried out the assignment later that week. I requested an apology from the babe, which I got and life continued.

Friends, be careful how you talk to people and how you respond to their talks. You never can tell who you are talking to. You can be as mild as Jesus Christ and speak to people friendly. You would achieve greater results if your approach is superb.

You can’t always be the boss. Every Boss has a Boss. Your Boss might even be your servant.



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