New Location; Everything is Different

Dear Friends,

I have crossed the River Niger and so many other tributries in accordance to starting a new life as assigned in a recently signed agreement. I have crossed so many rivers that flow through to the Atlantic and have journeyed East and then South. I have ported and should trans-port in time to come.

Everything is just different over here. From the Rains that wet the inhabitants of the city daily to the high cost of items in the markets. I have had to purchase an umbrella to mitigate the effect of the rain showers that give no notice. My umbrella goes with every morning as I try to surpass the traffic. I had gapped in awe as i hear the prices of commodity of which Lagos prices are cheaper.

Traffic, Yes, there is. The preference for the use of the Tricycles over the conventional four whelled taxis is alarming. since there are no motorbikes, the tricycles can navigate small spaces and make the traffic look inexistent and take you to your destination which should definitely not in the heart of the city.

My daily task have made me forget to listen to the daily news and the sports gist on radio. I now rely solely on the internet which is available. I miss Femi and the Gang on Nigeria Info Fm. I miss Jimmie and Sports Express. I miss Cool Fm and Brila FM. I would need to check their Port version to see if i can cope.

I just have to cope in this my new location. my new location is Port Harcourt. sorry, I had to PORT.

But one thing never changes, The Almighty God that had made my trans-port-ing a reality. he watches over Isreal and keeps me in the hollows of his palm. I am the Apple of his eyes and he wont allow me to dash my foot. His mercies endureth forever.

Are you serving the unchangeable God? Tomorrow maybe too late. Start now.

I would see you soon, i mean Lagos.

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