A Laptop Poem

I have been handicapped by the unavailability of my PC and her arrival prompted my writing of this poem.


With a sudden blue gust of resentment

My 3 year relationship was marred

By the in-accessibility of the heart so hard

Thus, no room for the regular enjoyment


Triple lunar periodic cycle and she’s back

Rejuvenation of the soul and the disky heart removed

Innumerable whore-mongers have sought and tried

But ingenuity of the first love couldn’t pack


I took her top up and my eyes lit

My narrow veins expanded and blood filled

What a sight to behold, a maiden betrothed

Off my laps, back to the table where she is fit


Christened Joy, she is my Heach Pee

The fifth of the great genealogy of Dee Vee

A skin so fair to caress, happy to fold

Windows welcome as the lights go yippee


Welcome back, let the work begin


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