A Tribute to Chinua Achebe: The Ideal African Writer

Death is a price any man born of a woman must pay. It is inevitable and most times comes unexpectedly. Dust, man must return, according to Genesis 3:19 and eternal life comes next. Is it eternal damnation or eternal glorification? It is your choice (Joshua 24:15)

Within the last 3 months notable Nigerians have gone to shoal suddenly and unexpected. I even wanted to write on Goldie’s death but time and chance have restricted me.

In a week where suicide bombers had sent dozens to their untimely grave in Kano, a week where 4 teachers were gunned in Maiduguri and 164 die in a boat wreck in the Atlantic, Nigeria lost her best Writer. The news crumbled many Nigerian minds.

The world renowned Chinua Achebe transited out of this world on Friday 22 March 2013. The writer whose “Things Fall Apart” still makes wave died at the age of 82 in the US. The grandfather of African literature was vocal against corruption and bad governance in Nigeria.

The Ideal African Writer

The Ideal African Writer

Born in Eastern Nigeria, the Nigerian novelist, poet, critic and super icon graduated from university of Ibadan and worked with the Nation’s broadcasting service. He rejected many national honours in disagreement with the government’s priorities and governance.

Achebe is a man I wished I embraced, shook hands with and dined with. His writing skill is the epitome of ingenuity. Unique in speech and views, Achebe is my ideal African writer. Where English couldn’t describe or explain, he used his created words that have been in the Nigerian circle. He legalized the unknown and stood his ground as a son of the South Eastern Nigeria.

If you have not read Things Fall Apart, Anthills of The Savannah, There Was A Country and many others, you may not understand how unique Achebe was. Even Brazil uses Things Fall Apart in their education curriculum.

Chinua Achebe, you would always live in our hearts, in your books. My best Nigerian writer.

Amos CP


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