Poem: Alcohol

Alcohol by Ovuakporie Ogheneyole.

Alcohol stands you as a whore
Is it to ginger your spirit when there is no Holy Spirit?
A cognac for you to wisdom lack
Wine pressed brut for you to become brute to society
A marshed grape becomes a yardstick for youngsters in rape

Wine and Spirit a common thing in the spiritual is immortal
A baron to wine, that drug my senses sucked in like a straw through the spine
Originality is from God, not I to behave like a goat which life is on curd
With it taste buds are soiled while destinies are foiled
My drive is to strife for Gods colouration of life.

Cry me a river, for so many wine filled liver
Life are dented and saints are bought with silver cents
The endtime watch ticks away and so many men are washed away
Days are numbered and men eyes still slumbers
I stand touched with Christ light for I must keep up the fight

In the Spirit of God, I am brim filled
Neither an old or new wine, I feel shacked up in thy Holy wine
Halleluyah, I am branched to the Holy Vine, a fruitful grape for Jah.


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